Ark Core v2.6 is Live. Huge upside potential!
Ark Core v2.6 is Live. Huge upside potential!

By DaniBom | danibom | 12 Feb 2020

There are many coins, born in 2017 or before, that despite losing more 90% of their value continue with active development and efforts. Some of this coins are the sleeping giants of the next altseason and i hope that one will be $ARK.

ARK is built to utilize a consensus mechanism known as Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) and has recently updated it's Core to the version 2.6

Coins can be safely stored on a Ledger Wallet, earning daily rewards from delegators. $ARK is available to trade in many exchanges, including Binance, Bittrex and OKEx. 1 $ARK is valued at 0.26$ right now, with an all time high of 9.99$ in january of 2018. It's recent spike isn't even visible on the all time chart, meaning the potential upside is huge!


Going back to the v 2.6 release, here are the main features:

  • Multipayments — You can now save time, effort and transaction fees when sending ARK to multiple addresses using the Multipayments feature in ARK Desktop Wallet. Add up to 64 addresses that you want to send to, customize the amount and send just one transaction, all in a few seconds.
  • IPFS — With the IPFS feature now enabled, you’ll be able to save an IPFS compliant hash for data saved on an IPFS solution.
  • Multisignatures — By utilizing Schnorr Signature Schema we’ve reintroduced Multisignatures. This means you can set up a Multisignature wallet where transactions from the wallet must be authorized by a minimum number of participants that you choose while registering it for the first time.
  • Business Registrations — Any business can now register on-chain and when they become verified, get all of the benefits that are coming in the following months including Deployer, Marketplace and much more!
  • Bridgechain Registration — Bridgechains running on ARK can now officially register on-chain (Business Registration is required beforehand). By registering, bridgechains become a registered member of the ARK Ecosystem. In the future, this registration will enable bridgechains to benefit from inclusion in new initiatives, programs and more.
  • Delegate Resignation — With the new Delegate resignation transaction type, Delegates who wish to retire can send a “Kill Command” to stop the Delegate from being able to receive new votes. By implementing this new feature, we’ve created a much more simple and efficient way of retiring a delegate.
  • Generic Transaction Interface (GTI) — Developers can use the GTI to create custom transaction types tailored to their exact needs using custom logic. An alternative to smart contracts, the GTI on ARK Core gives developers an incredibly simple way to build their own applications using ARK’s blockchain technology — simple, clean and very effective.
  • Nonces for Transactions — We’ve added nonces for transactions, which means adding a sequential number to transactions to make them unique. This helps mitigate the risk of replay attacks and makes the blockchain even more secure.


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