A quick review of ShareIt Lite App. No more adds problem!!!

By Nightmare | Daily LifeStyle Blog | 15 Sep 2019

Good day to all. Today I am going to share a quick review of shareIt App.

Almost all of us who use Android Mobile use ShareIt to transfer something from one mobile to another. So this software is become a Permanent Software on our mobile. Since the recent update of ShareIt many people have stopped using ShareIt because of the many adds issue. Moreover, since the update, the size of ShareIt has also increased a lot which is a problem for low Ram and Low Internal Memory mobile users. The new ShareIt's main problem is adds. As soon as you get in the app a lot of adds starts coming out which is very annoying. Moreover, if the mobile data is turned on, it downloads videos in the background which costs the data of the mobile and also the storage of the mobile becomes full. Sometimes ShareIt alone occupies 1-2GB of storage in mobile.



Now let's talk about the ShareIt Lite version.
* There is no adds in the Lite version
* Transfer speed is also good. 4-7Mbps
* There are Face To Face Transfer facilities

Face To Face Transfer:

This system has been added to ShareIt Lite. By this, two mobiles are connected before sharing. After connecting, the two mobiles can give and take files with each other.

ShareIt lite Download Link


Thanks for being with me. Stay tuned.

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