🗞 Daily Crypto News & Video, September, 28th💰

🗞 Daily Crypto News & Video, September, 28th💰

Welcome to the Daily Crypto News: A complete News Review, Coin Calendar and Analysis. Enjoy!


🗞 Bitcoin Has Been Less Volatile Than Tesla Stock for Months

Bitcoin (BTC) is often criticized for being over volatile, but it’s been a sea of calm compared with Tesla stock in recent months.

  • Tesla (TSLA) has been seeing bigger daily percentage moves since the end of June, according to 30-day realized volatility data.
  • Further, the volatility gulf between the two assets has been widening in recent weeks.
  • Bitcoin witnessed a below-1.25% daily move in 14 out of the last 27 days, according to data from TradingView – almost 52% of the time.
  • However, Tesla only achieved sub-1.25% moves 6% of the time over the same period, data source Skew tweeted early Monday.


  • "People always assume bitcoin is incredibly volatile, but it's not more volatile than many popular tech stocks," Skew co-founder and CEO Emmanuel Goh told CoinDesk.
  • Looking at the price charts, both bitcoin and Tesla have witnessed two-way business this month and formed contracting triangles (narrowing price ranges), as shown below.
  • However, Tesla has seen a month-to-date price decline of 18% – far worse than bitcoin's 6% drop.


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🗞 $2B Locked: Uniswap Now Bigger Than Entire DeFi Industry Just Two Months Ago

Uniswap is now bigger than the entire decentralized finance space just two months ago, as the trading protocol becomes the first to pass the $2 billion milestone.

  • Uniswap clocked the record figure just after midnight (UTC) Monday and currently has $2.06 billion worth of crypto assets locked in, according to crypto rankings website DeFi Pulse.
  • Testament to its neck-breaking growth, there's now more value just in Uniswap than there was in the entire DeFi space on July 9.
  • As of press time, there's now more than $11 billion in total value locked (TVL) in DeFi, with Uniswap making up approximately 18% of that.
  • Based on Ethereum, Uniswap utilizes an automated market-making system leveraging liquidity pools so users can exchange or "swap" between ether (ETH) and any ERC-20 token.
  • Holders are incentivized to deposit tokens in these liquidity pools with interest and a cut of the swap fee – the total balance in these pools together make up Uniswap's $2 billion TVL.

🗞 Freeze, pause, reboot: Projects react differently to $200M KuCoin hack

Following news of a security breach resulting in the loss of more than $200 million worth of tokens on KuCoin, many projects quickly reacted to prevent users’ holdings from being moved off to other exchanges.

Speaking to Cointelegraph, KuCoin Global CEO Johnny Lyu said at least $129 million of the tokens affected in the breach and the Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), and ERC20 hot wallets impacted were “safe” or in a position to be recovered. Though reports initially stated hackers got away with $150 million in tokens, new estimates put the total closer to $200 million.

Hackers stole a number of ERC20 tokens as part of the theft, but many projects were quick to react to the breach.

Members of the Ocean Protocol team have reportedly frozen more than 21 million OCEAN utility tokens, roughly worth $7.8 million at the time of writing. The project has since announced that it is initiating a hard fork of its contract to “reverse the ill-effects of the hack for anyone choosing to adopt the new version of the contract.”

🗞 Crypto Long & Short: The OCC’s Stablecoin Statement Is a Seed of Financial Innovation

An unsurprising statement from a financial regulator is sending some welcome signals that point to a spurt of innovation ahead.

The U.S. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) issued a statement earlier this week saying that national banks can provide services to stablecoin issuers in the U.S.

This is not a surprise, as banks have been doing so for some time. But they have been doing so under a cloud of regulatory uncertainty. The statement gives the first sign of official clarity on the idea that stablecoins are legitimate representations of value.

🗞 Daily Crypto Calendar, September, 28th💰


  • PlutusDeFi (PLT)

"... Allows us to bring forward our plans from staking implementation in Q4 to within 8 weeks from now or sooner!"

  • Lisk (LSK)

Reward reduction from 2 to 1 LSK at block 13451520.

  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH), General Event (CRYPTO), Lisk (LSK), XRP (XRP)

TeamZ Blockchain Summit in Tokyo.

  • Horizen (ZEN)

Team updates at 3:30 PM UTC/ 11:30 AM EDT: Engineering, Node network, Product/UX, Helpdesk, Legal, BD, Marketing, CEO Closing thoughts, AMA.

  • GET Protocol (GET)

"Q3 2020 burnback Monday, September 28"

  • Blockstack (STX)

"The September Town Hall is coming up! Here's what's on the agenda..."

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