Why crypto people should have a look at the Publish0x content platform 🤓

Why crypto people should have a look at the Publish0x content platform 🤓

By Cyril | Cyril | 22 Mar 2019

What is Publish0x?

Publish0X is a crypto agnostic blogging platform whose concept is simple: People writing stuff and people reading stuff. Nothing new... except both writer and reader are paid in crypto instantly. The main aspect of publish0x is that everybody can earn crypto by simply using the platform it is the perfect mix between Medium.com and Steemit.com

Here is an intro to Publish0x: 

Tips are the new Likes

Brands spend billions of dollars a year in building their social presence. "Likes" are a social power and financial digital asset. Publish0x (pronounced "Publish") is using crypto and blockchain, transforming "likes" into "tips". Writers are getting paid for the tips they receive. Readers are getting paid for the tips they give. 😍


Where does the money come from? 

Each time you tip it draws the money from the advertisers' budget. So it's simple: users are tipping other users with advertisers' money. 

  • Advertisers get their ads seen and clicked
  • Writers get instantly rewarded for their content
  • Readers are paid as they read and tips articles/Authors they liked. 


Micropayments: blockchain powered business models 💰

Publish0x is one of the real-world example using blockchain technology as a disruptive tool. Their business model consists of rewarding users with Micropayments. Certainly, it is not fully decentralized (just yet) but they are just getting started. Also putting their focus on user adoption and retention instead of decentralization has been a winning strategy so far as you can see the charts below.


190903265-37d58a6b4c9fe4966a8ca23d145763cc2ab418fd5c90628909c26383cfaf67d5.png  190903265-58ca663845644d808da15e6f5d690b319349df63327234a31412ff07325bfd17.png

Looking as well as their web traffic analytics 😲

  • Publish0x | 7.30 min average time | 6.32 pages view | 44.21% bounce rate 
  • Steemit | 3.17 min average time | 2.94 pages view | 70.41% bounce rate
  • Medium|1.46 min average time| 2.01 pages view | 64.75% bounce rate

About the founders

@dan and @igor are the founders of Publish0x, they have gained decent experience in the blockchain, media, and advertisement industry. @dan is also the founder of Bigbird.vc  investinblockchain.com and coinad.com  😎

Publish0x matter

By entering in the "proof-of-concept startup club" publish0x proved itself to be relevant and viable. Entering in a very large market with an entirely new business model and driving strongly crypto/blockchain adoption. It is very early to tell whether or not this specific platform, under this shape, will disrupt or not bigger players already well established, but for sure its potential is here. 😉


Get started on Publish0x: The 10 most helpful links
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