Jungkook (BTS) sends a strong warning to those sending food deliveries home, says ‘stop it’

By inmybones | Current INFO (NEWS) | 5 May 2023

Jungkook of BTS sends a strong warning to saesang (extreme fans). He revealed that he will be forced to take legal action against those intruding on personal space.

BTS member Jungkook has been going Live on Weverse Live frequently in the last quarter. On live, the maknae of BTS eats food and sometimes even cooks one, sharing recipes as well. However, some fans seem to have taken it a little far by sending home deliveries to his residence. 

This comes after he has been harassed in his practice space, in Coachella. Jungkook is famed to be very patient with ARMYs so, this warning is cause for concern in the sense of how many times has it already happened that he had to say it?

In his post, he said: “Don’t send home delivery food. I won’t eat it even if you give it to me. I am thankful, but I eat well. You can buy it yourself. I beg you. If you send it one more time, I will check the receipt order number you sent and take action. So stop it.”


Which for real, can't blame him. One of the first things kids everywhere learn is don't take food from strangers. *shrugs*

I get that there are 'discussions' and all happening regarding this, but this isn't that complicated, don't send food. If it happens to you, you'd probably be creeped out, so empathise. I am very horrified that someone found his address and sent him food. I'm sure BTS has a separate address where the boys all receive fan mail, so please respect the boundaries set by the boys.

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Current INFO (NEWS)
Current INFO (NEWS)

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