261 million XRP transactions were carried out

In these last days, the price of Bitcoin is constantly changing. However, the price of altcoins remains stable.
However, Ripple (XRP), which is among the biggest cryptocurrencies, has increased in the last 1 day.

Will Ripple (XRP) eventually drop due to its intensity?

Ripple (XRP), which has been in continuous transfer in the last day, especially Binance and Bithumb
It was carried out on many exchanges.

So, how much total costs were these transactions performed in the last day?

It is seen that the amounts realized over the stock exchanges in the last day exceeded 261 million XRP.
According to investors' opinions, they say that XRP is trading at $ 0.21 levels in order to increase sales pressure.




"XRPL Monitor", following the densities in this form, is worth 100 million XRP worth $ 21 million
indicated that an action has taken place.



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