Publish0x needs to make up their mind!

Publish0x needs to make up their mind!

By Crypto Pappy | CrytpoConfucius | 26 Jul 2019

I've enjoyed reading and posting here but I'm getting really annoyed at the addition of other "coins" to be used for tipping.
By the way, Tipping is not a city in China!


We have:

Bounty0x. Not even sure it's worth anything.

Hydro. Nice coin. Decent whitepaper. Still not much adoption.

DIA. A stable coin. It's okay. 1 === 1.

BAT. I still hold faith in BAT.


While we may all have our preferred choice ( I'd prefer DIA ), I'm not seeing any rhyme or reason as to WHICH coin is going to be used for Tipping.

Best I can gather is it now takes longer to reach a withdraw point.

I just Tipped an author and we got Hydro.

I don't want no Hydro anymore.

So now I have 4 coins/tokens scattering my tips between them with NO WAY TO CONSOLIDATE!

No conversion option. No "Convert all tips to me into ( pick a coin )".

It's that simple. Let me be able to convert during withdraw or choose which to be tipped so I do not need 70 million wallets!

One DIA I'm GONA retire!

DIA: 0x7c879fb70A4BC976c0C38a1f41a71202A2c85201

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