I'm Batty About BAT ... and Brave!
I'm Batty About BAT ... and Brave!

By Crypto Pappy | CrytpoConfucius | 27 Apr 2019

Unfortunately I was offline when BAT made its move! I've had it on my "Watch" list for months. It was still at $0.13 and I was about to BUY/HODL when I got the next withdrawls from my free faucets. But I lost my internet for a week and missed that profit point! 

I knew BAT was going to move because I trust the people creating it and I can see its utility. 

I AM BATTY FOR BAT! You should be, too!

Luckliy, I'm a Coinbase client, and I have been on their WAIT List for free BAT and other important coins, so when I did get back online I was greeted with free BAT for watching a few short videos and taking a one question quiz after each video.

I've also been waiting for Brave to start their ad rewards. And it came a bit sooner than I anticipated. I'm now earing BAT and have transfered all my bookmarks and such into the Brave Browser

If you are on Coinbase's waitlist and have not yet received an invite, then message me. I have three invites left.

If you are not a Coinbase client, you can join Coinbase, it's free, and I can send you an invite to get free BAT and a few other coins.

Here's the link to the Brave Browser. It IS worth your time to use that browser, and Brave is the most secure browser ever built. 

I highly recommend both Brave and free coins from Coinbase!


Crypto Pappy
Crypto Pappy

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