I was going to post how to earn $50 from Coinbase
I was going to post how to earn $50 from Coinbase

By Crypto Pappy | CrytpoConfucius | 26 Apr 2019

I did leave the Airdrop post up, but I took the Coinbase post down because nobody thought I was serious.

This is BETTER than an Airdrop ... it's a whole company putting thier money where their mouth is! Coinbase is investing in these blockchains, and with my three university degrees in this field and business ... and IT REALLY IS MY BIRTHDAY TODAY ... I'm old ... I can see things! 

Did you see BAT ( Basic Attention Token ) take off last week? I did. Got some nice pocket change even though I typically HODL. Well, it's my BIRTHDAY! I wanted a little party money!

I put $15 more worth of coin in new wallets just because they are giving it away! So, now I'm ahead around $300.

The REAL Crypto-Lovers know when to HODL Them ...

I'll hold free money. Sure! Why not! I'm not doing anything right now anyway but making money.

Update: You do not have to wait for Coinbase to invite YOU anymore. I have three open invites left. The original 'wait for Coinbase' period is over, their videos are made and the quiz to earn the coins is only ONE question! Then POOF! Money in your portfolio!

So, if you are a REAL Crypto-Lover and know what HODL can do for you, join Coinbase for free, then message me for a personal invite to earn BAT, Stellar Luminus ( XLM ) and ZCash! 

Geez, I didn't think it woul dbe this hard to give away money from a trusted Exchange/Wallet such as Coinbase! 10 years in business folks!

There are other exchanges, and I use them too, but this is real free coins ... waiting!


If you need to research Coinbase, please do. If you know Coinbase and either are or are not active, HMU too if you do not have the invites. 

I've been waiting two months for Coinbase to roll this out! I'm not sorry at all!

I now HODL BAT too! Did you see what BAT has been doing lately!

Best get that Brave Browser!


Crypto Pappy
Crypto Pappy

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