Bitcoin IS NOT the "Coin of the Future"
Bitcoin IS NOT the "Coin of the Future"

By Crypto Pappy | CrytpoConfucius | 4 Apr 2019

Aside from my usual requirement that a coin should have a very good 'use case', it should also be reliable and FAST.

Bitcoin Core will not survive the future. Bitcoin Core can't even handle the sudden "little" uptick of recent days.


What is the problem? Where is my BTC withdrawal?

As you are probably aware, the BTC price has increased significantly over the last few days - along with the prices of most of the other coins that we support on CoinPot. Of course, this is great news as it means the coins you are earning are worth more!

However, with these price increases comes extra hype and a massive increase in the number of transactions being processed on the blockchain. The Bitcoin Core (BTC) network is particularly vulnerable to this, and we are now seeing serious congestion which makes it difficult and very expensive to send out your withdrawals.

This chart shows the number of "unconfirmed" transactions currently in the BTC mempool. In other words, these are the transactions that are currently queued up - some have been in this queue for over 48 hours now, and there is no sign of this being resolved soon."


The sad thing is this is normal.

This will always happen with people playing Bitcoin like a stock market. High fees. Long delays. Price changing before your transaction goes through! 

Notice how Publish0x now pays out in Hydro? I purchased Hydro weeks before Publish0x began its Hydro push. I understand 0x's use case. Additionally, what is happening again with Bitcoin, Network Congestion, has been addresses by Hydro.

It's just my opinion but Bitcoin just is not a good coin for any future use. It's too slow.

Crypto Pappy
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