The new Nano currency symbol

Nano Is Now XNO, Will It Have An Impact?

By Justin Horneker | CrytoRunner | 13 Nov 2021

Nano was my first introduction to crypto transactions, a fast and feeless crypto that freely distributes coins through faucets and an interactive community... Nano is everyone's favorite "little crypto that could". However, a lack of momentum through this bull cycle has led to the devs considering their options.

Develop the Nano chain all you want, but lack of hype will effectively stagnate any project beyond expectations of the market cycle. 

"A currency symbol is not a logo"

The Nano foundation had made it crystal clear that this branding is all about visibility as a legitimate global currency. The idea is to separate the Nano currency ($XNO) from the Nano foundation. 

That's what ultimately separates Nano from other projects - that aim to be a legitimate currency vs an aim to have leading blockchain technology. It's a noble approach but will a change in how exchanges list Ӿ?

That's something only time will tell us.


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