Why has TRX (TRON) appreciated almost 30% in the last week?

By PhoenixDev | CryptoWorld - CW | 16 Aug 2020

This past week, TRX, the cryptocurrency of TRON, has risen in value by almost 30%.


Something similar has happened with Waves.


This was due to information released on August 13 indicating that both platforms had partnered, and that TRX (and TRON's TRC-20 tokens) would be available on the Waves blockchain through Gravity.


Gravity is a blockchain that enables cross-chain communication (so TRON and Waves will be able to communicate with each other, with their corresponding smart contract languages: Solidity and Rides).

Through Gravity it will be possible to develop applications that are compatible with both blockchains, a point of great importance due to the increase in DeFi. This will allow breaking some of the barriers that hinder the adoption of cryptocurrencies, such as the fragmentation of the blockchain ecosystem.

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