DON’T Chase FREE Crypto, but Bend Down to Pick Some Up from the Floor
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DON’T Chase FREE Crypto, but Bend Down to Pick Some Up from the Floor

By Ruth eMouse | CryptoWithRuth | 12 Mar 2021

Some moons ago I was sitting on my couch thinking about ways to make more in crypto. I heard of this one app, which gave free Nano or Bitcoin. I naturally was interested, so I downloaded the app. I knew from the download page that I would need to do something to earn the “free” crypto. Surveys, Ads, playing games, and more suggestions were the bread and butter of this app. Between receiving payments in BTC or Nano, I went for the latter b/c the app said I’d actually earn more over the transaction costs. Eventually, I discovered that the surveys would cut me off from finishing if they determined at any point that I wasn’t the perfect candidate. The games would be a hassle to download, and I barely had enough time for the surveys. Very soon I discovered that I was putting in far more than I was getting out. The cost, of “free”, was very real, and that cost was my time and energy. 

Well, are most of these ‘free’ methods just a transaction of sorts?

Yes - the trick is looking at which transactions tip in your favor. 


Here’s a simple example. The ‘free’ crypto deal tells you that you’ll earn the crypto when you watch this ad for 2 minutes. Wow! 2 minutes is a long time - and they add up. With those two minutes+ you could be doing a lot of other things that you wanted to do. Accomplishing some goals that you have on your list that could be earning you more in the long run. Let’s not forget the additional cost of your attention, which is a valuable resource (just look at the BAT token ;) Once lost, your attention is hard to recover. We are beings that need momentum to get our creative juices flowing, and the distractions of ads can damage our creative power. 


x $crypto = 2 min + attention 


WAIT a second! There’s an element that we’re overlooking. Two minutes is the perceived cost that they tell you, but is it a real cost to you? What if you didn’t feel the hit of that cost? What if you have two screens, and you take that ad, and you put it on another screen. Then, you could also lower your computer’s volume super lower / or mute it. Thereby, you’d save your attention, and the time would be minimized to 0.5 minutes, which could be the time it takes you to find the ad, click on it, and position it off screen. 


x $crypto = 2 min + attention 

Now, with your strategy becomes 

x $crypto = 0.5 minutes 


This can become a rule easily.

When dealing with “free” crypto deals … don’t only look at the perceived cost, but also the real cost when you implement your strategy. 


Stay tuned and follow up -- later I’d like to give you some "free crypto" links with their respective strategies, which can help bring in some extra needed crypto $$$. 


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