Brave browser: a stepping stone to crypto?


The well-known crypto browser continues to grow and reached 13.8 million users at the end of April. According to co-founder Brendan Eich, 1.7 million of these users opted for the crypto reward system. 


Brave browser is gaining more and more reach

During a Twitter live stream on May 5, Binance's CEO, Changpeng Zhao, spoke to Brendan Eich, CEO and co-founder of Brave. Eich said that his crypto-enabled web browser reached 13.8 million active users per month at the end of April.

Brave Browser offers anonymity

Eich explained that when a user surfs the internet, web activity is measured and tracked and that all data is used to target advertisements to that person. He explained how the system works from the advertiser's perspective:

“People in advertising who work for the brands that make the products, goods and services that we buy will spend a lot of money trying to get you to buy their goods. And so they throw money into this digital display system, and part of it causes someone to see an ad. Or it chases you so they can decide which ad to see. But at the end of the day, you don't get any of that money, just the ads and tracking. ”

Eich explained that Brave's browser blocks traditional advertising and tracking and instead allows the user to choose to participate in a “clean” advertising and donation model that is private by default.


Brave has its own token

The browser's Basic Attention Token (BAT) is intended to be a computing device for user attention that can be used to support content creators and reward users who view advertisements.

With many Brave users new to the crypto world, Eich explained that the company is trying to get users on board by giving them free tokens in exchange for their activity in the Brave Rewards program. This allows users to participate in the system and earn tokens that they can automatically donate to site owners or set up monthly contributions, similar to Patreon. He continued:

“When we first released the Brave Browser on the desktop, it accounted for 40% of the desktop browser share, and when the mobile version was added, we found that people were less willing to use it, but we are working to make its use more attractive by making it more convenient so that it rewards the user more. ”

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