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From Steemit to Publish0x the step is short

By MarioV | CryptoUniverse | 21 Apr 2020

Past tests

In the past I had tried to use Steemit but the interaction with that tool had not impressed me at all: the operation of the related tokens was not immediately understandable, the editor for writing articles was crude and used the tags as for an html page but even that was not of immediate use. I had therefore immediately abandoned it.


A new discovery

Time had passed and a project attracted my attention: a browser that promised to receive rewards (BAT token) if future advertisements were displayed while browsing. But only by voluntary choice. In fact, the main value that I had seen was precisely the protection of one's privacy that this browser, called Brave, promised to guarantee; unlike the leeches Google, Facebook & C. which instead captured, deposited and resold the data and habits of the surfers.
Brave already had natively a wallet for the safekeeping of cryptocurrencies, it guaranteed privacy precisely because it does not unload a lot of garbage (= speed and less bandwidth consumed) and, if you wanted, you could have accumulated BAT tokens.
For information, BAT tokens constitute the blood of the project, that is the remuneration that the authors of multimedia contents receive as a donation from surfers. To receive BATs, authors must prove that they are and be recognized as such at Brave.
How does the company that produces Brave make money? With the advertising that it will issue and that will be seen only by those who want it. Stop.


Why did I choose Publish0x

The next step was to set my eyes on Publish0x: a Social that practically brought together all the features that I had seen in the two previously mentioned projects.
Well yes, I discovered Publish0x thanks to BAT tokens, by chance. Once subscribed to this Social I had the opportunity to make TIP on the contents of authors/creators by giving them BAT offered by Publish0x but at the same time accumulating them too (and with the possibility of deciding what percentage).
Which I did for a period: accumulate not only BAT, but also DAI and HYDRO. And I found that I could make the token claim easily and securely to an external wallet of mine (of which I really have the keys).
I also saw that the authors gained BAT faster than the ones I accumulated doing only TIP. And that's where I thought of becoming an author, remembering Steemit. No sooner said than done: Publish0x enabled me immediately!


And now?

Now I am writing my first article to discover this new possibility: the editor is already beautiful, in Word Processor style: I like it a lot!
And I hope many of you will read either my experience and crypto-path doing the throttle TIPs below ;-)

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