MY APRIL INVESTMENT (Not investment advice)

MY APRIL INVESTMENT (Not investment advice)

By Cryptotipsfr | Cryptotipsfr | 3 Apr 2019

      I will begin to present each month a cryptocurrency investment project. Of course I will choose projects accessible to the public, easy to understand and with the most good ROI. Most of the projects presented will be available for everyone, with no country restriction. If unfortunately it will not be available in your country, i commit myself to do the intermediary.   This month I introduce you Holo (HOT)   Holochain is the fundamental architecture. It's like calling Bitcoin a system based on a blockchain. All that passes on Holochain would be a system based on Holochain. Holo is the decentralized Internet that the founders and developers of Holochain create. They have basically invented a "Beyond-Blockchain" system and use it to create their own decentralized web for dApps (like NEO, Stellar, Ethereum, EOS etc.) which is powered by Holofuel.   For Holo, it's high time to tackle the problem at the source, offering a brand new network that offers the same opportunities as the Internet, without charging for search, advertising or other sources of profit (Google represents 80% of search traffic and is a giant of advertising, ditto for Facebook). To do this, the project will use an internet link that opens the door to free and true decentralization. This URL will provide access to the HOLO community, which manages a shared platform around the world and uses everyone's computer resources to host applications, paid in crypto-currencies in return (with crypto Holofuel coin).   How it works ?   HOLO's basics are based on the use of a decentralized cloud, more specifically the use of members' resources to manage all interactions, without benefiting the richest or the most influential. It is not a question of using the power of a computer without the knowledge of its owner but to propose to him to use a special box which will do the work efficiently, without consuming as much energy as on a PC! These small ergonomic materials named HoloPorts will be spread all over the world to connect all members of the network. According to management, more than 1050 boxes will be distributed.   Once the installation of the network is effective, the new free internet and no central power will begin to work. HoloPorts owners will only have to start their cases and follow some instructions for it to work. Thanks to this technology, everything that has been done on the net can be innovated like consulting a search database that does not solicit a single distributor like Google, to advertise without paying fees on the pages, and it will go much further in deeper areas such as industry, medicine, education or other types of activities.     HOLO is a platform under development. The scope of the project is so wide that it still needs many tests and especially investors to see it born. However, the basic elements of HOLO are already ready and it is not about false promises that agree on unique white papers. Indeed, the network generation offered by HOLO depends on the trust of countless Internet users accustomed to the internet and blockchains. To avoid any disillusionment, the platform opted for an Initial Community Offering instead of an Initial Coin Offering. In this context, the product that will be put forward will not be the chips but the box HoloPorts. This small equipment is a pledge of investment that Holo offers to its members, the successive stages that will pass the project will systematically focus on these boxes, and each user will be informed of the evolution of the platform. With regard to chips, HOLO calculates the distribution according to the actual demand of the network in relation to the number of boxes sold and also according to the needs of the platform during development. In this perspective, HOLO differs from other crypto-currencies stingy to sell the first chips, on the contrary it provides a use of cryptocurrencies far beyond the speculative context.    

Where Invest ? Binance, hotbit  





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