BeeHive (TronHive): New Popular Game Using TRON Network

BeeHive (TronHive): New Popular Game Using TRON Network

By nejibens | Cryptotalking | 15 Aug 2019

BeeHive is a new game running in the Tron's network, and it becomes really popular nowadays with more than 850 players since its launch (July 2019). To play this game you just have to install a simple extension Tronlink in your Chrome browser, which is a wallet for Tron and it is similar to Metamask for Ethereum's holders and traders. Tron (TRX) is ranked 11 actually in CoinmarketCap and it is a cheap currency (0.02$) and you can buy TRX from so many exchangers online. 

playing the game is really simple and easy, you have to register with your wallet address, then you will get a free Airdrop bee generating 300 WAX per day for free (the WAX is used to buy bees). Then you can start buying smart bees which generate 100% profit per month. There are 8 species of bees as shown in this picture.


The game has two resources wax and honey. Wax is used to buy bees, while honey can be sold for TRX, the rate is detailed in the picture:


Here are the full details of playing BeeHive on PC:

How to play BeeHive on SmartPhones:

the game is actually listed #44 on DappRadar despite it is maybe the newest compared to other games:


Kindly register using this link BeeHive or using this TRON address TBU8kQK6zy4Y9LTwTMpV6WZTqj5oyvGiiW


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