Noise.Cash: Like twitter but earning Bitcoin Cash

By RFereru | CryptoStory | 7 Jan 2021

A week ago I discovered It is a social network, still in alpha state, very similar to Twiter but with some differences (and some functionalities that may be missing as it is still in alpha phase):


  • You can add posts, info, etc. to an extent greater than that allowed by Twitter.
  • You can follow other users.
  • For now, only photos can be added.
  • At the moment you cannot add tags to posts.
  • Cannot search.

Wow, he's in the alpha state. But it has a great advantage: in the same way as in Publish0x, posts can be given and received tips.

Tips on

Tips work similar to Publish0x, but it also has peculiarities:

  • You can tip a post, varying the proportion between the part that the author receives and the part that the person who gives the tip stays.



  • You can determine how much tip is given.
  • The bag of tips that each user has to give is filled in randomly by the board. That is, randomly, users are receiving different amounts of money to later deliver in the form of tips.



Bitcoin Cash as a tip currency

Although tips are given in the form of dollars, users receive them in the form of Bitcoin Cash (a fork of Bitcoin) and almost immediately.


That is, if I tip a user, he receives it in his wallet in a few minutes.


A couple of days ago, due to many users starting to ask for tips to give tips, as an exchange, or to ask another user to follow him and then follow him, the board established (with good judgment) a series of rules.



I think is a good project that can progress at a good pace with the help of its users. In addition, the use of a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin Cash can also help this.

If you like this world and you want to know how I evolved in it: Stay tuned!

In case you haven't signed up for Publish0x yet:

Thanks and see you soon.


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