Would This Text Make Your Day if Your Best Friend Sent It!!

By DeadlyRacoon | CryptoSplash | 12 Jan 2021

I can see us now, Christmas morning. I walk downstairs in my loose pajamas and see you snuggling into that warm corner of our leather couch. We lock eyes and i look away, looking down as my cheeks flush from nervousness. That always happens around you.. I take a cautious step towards your body as you calm me with that warm and welcoming grin which softens my cold December heart. Our hands touch and the angels cry, our frozen souls melt together into a heavenly stream pouring through the golden streets of Zion past St. Peter's gate. Our eyes held steady as we read the intentions of each other's hearts through the dilation of our pupils and taste that sweet Christmas lovers gaze.


Tell me that would not make you laugh haha :)

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