The Best Crypto Exchange To Buy Bitcoin, Trade and Invest

The Best Crypto Exchange To Buy Bitcoin, Trade and Invest

By CryptoSorted | CryptoSorted | 18 Feb 2020

For both experienced professional crypto traders and new crypto investors; there’s only one clear choice for the best crypto exchange to buy bitcoin and trade cryptocurrencies –KuCoin: The People’s Exchange.

Backed by established institutional investors such as IDG Capital, Matrix Partners, Neo Global Capital and LFG Global, KuCoin is the exchange of choice for over five (5) million global users in more than 100 countries; providing the most secure, easy-to-use and highly efficient platform for all type of users.

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What is KuCoin?: The Best Crypto Exchange

The Best Crypto Exchange

KuCoin is a global cryptocurrency exchange based in Singapore; with offices in China, Thailand, Philippines, Bulgaria, and soon –in emerging markets like Vietnam, India, and Indonesia.

Popularly known as “The People’s Exchange” KuCoin was launched in September 2017 after over six (6) years of in-depth research on blockchain technology, product design and the development of the technical architecture for the Exchange.

The founders started work early in 2011 and successfully built up KuCoin technical architecture in 2013. Upon ensuring that the system is reliable, easily adaptable and extendable, the KuCoin team declared business now open in 2017; serving the industry and users ever since with the most advanced and secure cryptocurrency exchange; that’s never experienced any security breach since inception till date and trusted by over 5 million professional crypto traders and crypto investors.

KuCoin aims to provide an exceptionally convenient and secure cryptocurrency transaction and exchange services by listing only valuable projects world-wide through a rigorous listing process backed with a state-of-the-art transaction platform.

More so, the Exchange offers a complete trading suite; supporting spot trading, margin trading and contracts or futures trading (with up to 150X leverage); and have listed over 190 tokens and 400 trading pairs to date –and still counting.

The KuCoin Exchange Team:

The KuCoin Exchange Team

KuCoin is run by highly competent, experienced professional finance and technology experts lead by Michael Gan; co-founder and CEO of KuCoin, who prior to starting the KuCoin Exchange was a member of the Ant Financial of Alibaba Group, a veteran of financial solutions, and senior partner of Internet giants like MikeCRM, KF5.COM, etc. Also in the KuCoin Team is Eric Don (COO) and Top Lan (CTO), and a dozen other experts and developers working on the KuCoin project.

Check out the KuCoin WhitePaper for more details on the team and the business economics of the exchange.

Given the level of developments we have seen so far with the KuCoin Exchange and the fact that the exchange has never been compromised or hacked; it will be safe to tentatively conclude that the team is more than good enough for the job.

However we (CryptoSorted) belief that the exchange need to work more on their business development strategies in other to take the exchange to the highest heights it truly belongs.

What Makes KuCoin The Best Crypto Exchange?

The most enduring and fundamental competitiveness of KuCoin lies in its powerful Research and Development (R&D) team, which ensures a world-class stability and service quality; as a result the exchange has never experienced even a single security breach since its inception in 2017 till date.

·        Security:

Top Security Infrastructure

Security is the most fundamental concern of every crypto trader and investor. And KuCoin is proactive with the implementation of security features and standards for the exchange at both system and operational level –guaranteeing maximum security of users’ assets at all times.

The industry standard transfer encryption protocol is applied to data transfer layers so as to ensure that “all” user data are stored through bank-level data encryption. The multi-factor dynamic authentication mechanism as well as the trading PIN has been introduced to sensitive operations like transaction or withdrawal so as to provide maximum security for all users.

More so, the KuCoin Exchange has established special internal risk control and operation process departments with strict standards for data production, access and usage. It requires multi-level review and approval to check and use all online data and the core data undergoes desensitization so as to ensure the maximum security for users’ data. This should give confidence to especially high volume traders and investors, who have so much on the exchange.

·        Lowest Fees:

Lowest Fees

Kucoin offers one of the lowest trading and withdrawal fees in the industry both on the spot, margin and contracts trading platforms. Over 40% lower than the industry average fees structure.

The fees are structured based on the four (4) different membership categories:

  1. Member
  2. Gold
  3. Platinum, and
  4. Diamond.

All with different trading fees as indicated below; the highest fee on the exchange being just 0.1%.

Member: 0.1% for both market makers and takers, while if you opt to pay fees with the KuCoin Shares (KCS) native token, you pay just 0.08% for both maker and taker –that’s a 20% further discount when you pay fees with KCS.

Find the complete and updated trading fees, deposit and withdrawals fees structure for the different membership tiers here.

·        Excellent (24/7) Support

Excellent Support 24/7

Kucoin offers round the clock, multi-channel customer support services; including LifeChat, hotline, e-mail, etc. and a host of highly active community pages (links below). The Exchange offers 24/7 hotline chat service where experienced representatives are available to assist users with any questions they have.

More so, support is available through email and a simple yet informative FAQ page. The support representatives usually reply in a timely, friendly and professional manner from our experience being on the platform since 2017.

Withdrawals and payments on KuCoin are seamless; first, transactions are inspected by an AI algorithm. Once the request passed the inspection, automation system executes entry and remit instantly; ensuring convenience, speed, and safety.

Official KuCoin Exchange Social Media Pages:








Compared with many other cryptocurrency exchanges, the KuCoin exchange support rises above and beyond; having the most polite, courteous, responsive and helpful support system at all time.

·        Extensive Trading Pairs:

The underlying technologies and exchange architecture of KuCoin supports infinite cryptocurrency trading pairs. Currently there are over 450 trading pairs and more than 200 coins/tokens available on the KuCoin Exchange for you to trade, according to CoinGecko records here; and the exchange is constantly listing new, futuristic and valuable projects to give users even more trading options and investment opportunities.

·        Intuitive User Interface:

With the introduction of KuCoin 2.0 the KuCoin Exchange user interface is looking much more clean and fresh; giving it a professional and sleek feel across the full website and the App. Some of the features that stand out include: the widgets, and being able to view multiple charts. They have adopted the ‘above the fold design’; which means that everything that KuCoin want you to view is instantly in sight without having to look too far around like on Binance and some other top exchanges.

It’s clear that the Exchange has done plenty of market research to come up with highly versatile, intuitive and friendly user interface as the layout and structure of the exchange confirms. We hope to see more of these improvements to the user experience regularly through innovative and efficient features.

KuCoin Exchange Products and Services

KuCoin Exchange offers a handful of crypto trading solutions to cater for the needs of all types of traders from newbies to professional and institutional crypto traders and investors.

  1. Spot Trading
  2. Margin Trading
  3. Contract (Futures) Trading

·         KuCoin Spots Trading Platform

KuCoin was first of all a full-featured spot trading platform with the aim of providing users seamless digital asset transactions and exchange services that are safe and convenient. This is achieved by integrating premium assets worldwide and constructing a state of the art, user-friendly crypto trading platform.

·         KuCoin Margin Trading Platform

Margin trading refers to the practice of borrowing funds with a relatively lower amount of capital to trade financial assets and obtain bigger profits. This allows a trader to earn larger profits on trades by leveraging greater sums of capital (other peoples money) using a small amount of funds of their own as collateral.

You can easily borrow funds, trade and repay them by using the KuCoin Margin trade page.

·         KuCoin Contracts (Futures) Trading Platform –KuMex

KuCoin Mercantile Exchange -KuMex

KuMex means “KuCoin Mercantile Exchange” and is one of the latest developments from the KuCoin team and a new and exciting addition to the KuCoin ecosystem. KuMex is the derivatives trading platform of the KuCoin Exchange and was launched on July 8, 2019; supporting perpetual swaps and financial futures.

As known of KuCoin, fees on KuMex are lower than the industry average at 0.0005 for withdrawals, 0.05% takers and 0.02% makers. Providing the usual lowest trading fees, instant deposits & withdrawals, and a stable, secure trading system. Remember, lower fees means more profits for the trader as you get to keep more of your profits.

KuMex aims to offer user-friendly, professional financial products to both institutional and retail traders; so participants can have leveraged exposure to the cryptocurrency price without the need for lending or increase fiat.

Guy did a great job in providing more insights on KuMex in this 15 minutes video with tips to get you on a successful derivative trading on KuMex –check it out

KuMEX is an exciting project and worth further investigation for anyone interested in the potential provided by derivatives, leverage and margin trading.

How to Earn On the Best Crypto Exchange: KuCoin

As stated earlier KuCoin is a complete suite of crypto products and investment solutions. Not every crypto investor is a trader and given that crypto trading is a highly risky –howbeit highly profitable career, some people prefer the much safer and less disruptive route to investing in crypto and KuCoin as the people’s exchange has something for almost everyone that’s more than worth checking out:

·         Crypto Lending

Lend your cryptocurrency and earn interests –up to 12% Annualized Profit Rate (APR).

KuCoin Margin Trading platform supports customers to lend limited cryptocurrency to other users for margin trading on interest.

Users who are interested in taking advantage of this service and opportunity for passive income can do so by lending out any available assets in their main account.

NOTE: To lend user must move their crypto assets from wherever they are to their KuCoin main account. Funds in the trading account cannot be directly lent on the platform.

To lend, first login to your KuCoin account and go to the lend page. Select the asset you want to lend (BTC, ETH, EOS, LTC, XRP, ADA, ATOM, TRX, BCHABC, BCHSV); fill in the loan amount and your preferred daily interest rate (from 0 to 0.2%) and pick the number of days you want to lend your assets (7, days, 14 days or 28 days); then hit the Lend button. That’s all; your order will be matched accordingly and you’ll be able to see your lending interest from your main account after your order must have been filled.

·         Crypto Soft Staking Solution

KuCoin Soft Staking Solution

HODL (hold) your stake-able cryptocurrency in your KuCoin account and get daily returns. Enjoy daily staking returns with the innovative KuCoin soft staking program; with some supported projects posting up to 23% Annualized Rate of Return. Soft Staking is one of the best and safest ways of making passive income by “putting your crypto to work for you” on KuCoin Exchange.

It is called soft staking and special because the “staked” coins are accessible to the user at all times. Meaning you can decide to trade them in the open market or simply withdraw them out of the exchange at any time if you wish –no limitations, no time-bound lockup rules and your profits a delivered into your account every day as long as your coin remains on the exchange.

Popularly known as the People's Exchange, KuCoin is focused and committed to bringing more value to all users and investors on its platform –pioneering the now popular crypto soft staking solution in 2019 and recently launching the Pool-X staking, mining and trading platform, in an effort to expand and maximize investor earning opportunities and contributing significantly to the development of the staking market.

Staking on KuCoin is easy. All you’re required to do is Sign Up for a free KuCoin Account; purchase any of the supported staking cryptocurrencies and keep them in your KuCoin Account.

Crypto Assets Currently Supported by the KuCoin Soft Staking Program

Below is an updated list of the coins available for staking in the KuCoin soft staking program; ATOM seem to be the most popular and most staked crypto among them with ONION producing the highest Annualized Rate of Return (ARR) of about 23% as per the data on the KuCoin Blog:

  1. Cosmos(ATOM)
  2. EOS(EOS)
  3. Tron(TRX)
  4. Internet of Services(IOST)
  5. Neblio (NEBL)
  6. DeepOnion (ONION)
  7. Energi (NRG)
  8. NULS (NULS)
  9. TomoChain (TOMO)
  10. EOSForce (EOSC)
  11. Loom Network (LOOM)
  12. Loki (LOKI)
  13. V Systems (VSYS)
  14. Wanchain (WAN)
  15. IoTeX (IOTX)
  16. Tezos (XTZ)
  17. Elastos (ELA)
  18. PIVX (PIVX)
  19. Ontology (ONT)

Thus all you need to do is hold any of the tokens listed above, in either the trading account or main account on the KuCoin Exchange and receive the rewards daily.

Finally, with the KuCoin soft staking solution, you don’t have to invest resources in any equipment, wallet setup or bother with participating in the voting and decision making process of the blockchain network; the exchange handles all the technical aspects of the staking process for investors and all you do is place your coin in your KuCoin Exchange account and enjoy your accruing daily profits –simple as that.

·         KuCoin Shares (KCS) Bonus Program

Earn Daily Dividends In The KuCoin Shares Bonus Program

Earn on KuCoin with the KuCoin Shares (KCS) bonus program. HODL a minimum of 6 KCS in your KuCoin account to enjoy a share of the daily profits of the exchange.

KuCoin Shares (KCS) are the ecological token of the KuCoin Exchange Platform. They are Ethereum (ERC-20) based tokens with a constant total supply of 200 million tokens. Of these tokens, 100 million was allocated to the founding members and the other half was distributed among the early members of the exchange.

Holders of the token are able to reap the rewards from the success of the exchange as 50% of its overall trading fee revenue from both the regular spot trading platform and  Kumex is shared with holders of the KCS token. Rewards, received in the form of dividends, are proportionate to the amount of KuCoin Shares one holds. You also enjoy 20% discount on trading fees when you opt to pay fees with KCS.

The more KCS you HODL the more KCS you earn as bonus daily!

KCS Key Statistics:

  • KCS ICO Price                    $0.20 USD             (Aug. 13, 2017)
  • KCS All Time High              $21.14 USD           (Jan 07, 2018)
  • KCS All Time Low              $0.323177 USD      (Jan 31, 2019)

Source: CoinMarketCap.

Benefits of Holding KCS: What can you do with your KCS?

  • KuCoin Bonus: The KuCoin platform will use 50% of all trading fees earned by KuCoin to buy KCS from the market and then redistribute them to KCS holders who hold at least 6 KCS as a bonus.
  • VIP Fee Rate:KCS holders can enjoy a discounted trading fee rate as a VIP, which can be as low as 0.0125%.
  • Promotional Events: KCS holders will be able to enjoy more airdrop giveaways on the KuCoin Platform.
  • Get a loan using KCS on EthLend
  • Transfer KCS to anyone in a chat on ADAMANT Messenger
  • Cash out KCS to pay private expenses on AavePay
  • Use KCS to play online games & buy KCS from 22,000 vendors in Indonesia on PlayGame
  • Use KCS to shop online without any extra fees using SwirlPay
  • Set up your store (both online and offline) to accept KCS from your customers using CoinPayments
  • Take your KCS wherever you go. Get a KCS cold storage card from Whopper
  • Use KCS in offline stores globally Pundi X POS system.

·         KuCoin Referral Program

Earn With The KuCoin Referral Program

Introduce the best crypto trading exchange to your friends, colleagues, family, strangers and those you really care about, and get a one year referral commission of 20% of all fees generated from everyone you refer to the exchange.

You will receive the 20% referral bonus each time your friend completes an order on the exchange. The more friends you invite, the more bonus you’ll get! And the earnings can be cashed out daily if you wish to withdraw them or if you’re like most of us you can re-invest your earnings into any of the earning programs (lending or staking or simply trading) above and enjoy compounding profits.

KuCoin Exchange Draw-Downs

This review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the limitations and drawback of the exchange. 

  • The major challenge with the KuCoin Exchange is low liquidity compared with other top exchanges such as Binance. However, the exchange has been working and implementing several innovative programs to attract more retail as well as institutional traders and increase trading volume.
  • KuMex supports only the BTC/USDT trading pairs; this is too limited for traders looking to trade variety of alt coins. Personally we would love to trade the futures market solely on KuCoin but because some coins we would love to trade are not on KuMex we opt to use additional exchanges like Binance and BitMex. While we know the team is working to include more coins and tokens –we need this implemented as soon as possible to make the exchange more competitive.
  • The referral commission is paid only for 1 year. So after the one year you don’t earn any more referral commissions for the users you refer to the exchange.
  • The exchange needs to work more on their business development department as the exchange is currently highly undervalued given the quality of their technology and team. The team hasn’t done a good job in terms of marketing to help bring the exchange to the highest limelight it has earned and deserves. Thankfully, this has been communicated to the team and they have taken serious steps to getting the word out and provide resources to guide and educate especially new users on the platform.

We hope to see these limitations disappear especially in the next year as the team continues developing and deploying more innovative features and programs that brings value to the users.

Summary and Conclusion

KuCoin is arguably the best crypto exchange out there for many reasons:

  1. Offers maximum security. Never been hacked or suffered even a single security breach since inception till date.
  2. Extremely user friendly platform. Both the Spot trading and Futures trading platform and the various investment solutions are built with the user in mind. Unmatched flexibility backed with unbeatable security. More so, you need just a single account to access all of KuCoin Services and associated platforms such as KuMex, Pool-X and even the ones under development or yet to be developed. No messy multiple login credentials.
  3. While many exchanges take hours and even days to respond and resolve users issues; KuCoin maintains instant response record. Nothing can be as frustrating as having an urgent problem with your account and having to wait almost endlessly to get at least a feedback that your problem has been acknowledged and a resolution is under way or better still resolved instantly as the case may be.
  4. I would love to keep as much of my trading profits as possible –just like every profit seeking trader and crypto investor and that’s one more reason we love KuCoin dearly. KuCoin fees are about 40% below the industry average when compared with other similar big exchanges.
  5. Multiple earning opportunities. You can start earning on KuCoin even from the first 24 hours through the KuCoin Shares Bonus Program with just at least 6 KCS token. Taking advantage of other passive income opportunities developed by KuCoin such as the Soft Staking Solutions and Pool-X Mining and Staking Solution to build and grow your wealth.

We give KuCoin 5-star rating on security, lowest fees, excellent support, innovation; and a 3-star rating for marketing.

Join the over 5 million happy and successful global traders and crypto investors on KuCoin. It takes less than 5 minutes to start trading; investing and earning on KuCoin. –sign up here.


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