Italian Bank Enables Bitcoin Trading for 1.2 Million Customers

Italian Bank Enables Bitcoin Trading for 1.2 Million Customers

By CryptoSorted | CryptoSorted | 21 Mar 2020

Keeping track of bitcoin and cryptocurrency adoption; Banca Sella –one of the oldest Italian banks just launched a Bitcoin trading service on its platform called Hype with beta testing just a few days ahead.

Hype is a subsidiary of the Banca Sella bank with over 1.2 million customers. According to a post on their website, the service is currently in beta test on a small group of HYPE Plus customers. A few more days and it will be available to all customers”.

“In addition to the buying and selling operations, with HYPE you can also send Bitcoin to the contacts in your address book, or use the function to pay for your purchases in all cases where payment by crypto currency is expected.” The Post stated.

Transacting Bitcoin with HYPE

Users can elect to transfer bitcoin to others by scanning a QR code or manually pasting the recipient’s wallet address. Enter the fiat value in Euros and hit the send button just like every other bitcoin app.

Transactions on Hype are transparent though not very cheap. The platform charges a 1% fee for every transaction.

For security reasons users you will be asked to confirm every transaction via a link to be sent to their HYPE registered email address. More so, the confirmation must be done on the same device the app is installed thus reducing the risk of phishing and other nefarious hackers attempt to steal users’ funds.

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Bitcoin and Crypto Adoption Grows

Despite the market crash, cryptocurrency adoption is gaining significant growth as can be seen from the many different traditional institutions coming up with different proposals to make bitcoin accessible to the masses.

What is your thought on the bitcoin adoption drive? Are we moving from bitcoin is money from thin air to bitcoin as “cash of the future”? Share your opinion with us in the comments section below.


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