Get Brave Browser for Your Privacy –CZ of Binance

By CryptoSorted | CryptoSorted | 11 Apr 2020

While it costs you money to buy bitcoin and most cryptos, securing your privacy online is free –All you have to do is download, install and use the Brave Browser according to CZ, CEO of Binance.

In a recent tweet, CZ urged his followers and twitter community to switch to the Brave to enjoy private internet life.

About Brave Browser

The Brave Browser is the safest, fastest, privacy-by-default internet browser yet –for Mac, Windows, Android, iOS and Linux.

Brave blocks unsolicited ads and trackers that follow you all around on the internet and tries to steal all of your online activities.

What’s more, the Browser pays you for viewing optional, privacy-respecting ads.

You have the option to totally disable all forms of Ads if you wish or turn on the Brave “soft Ads” and get rewarded for your attention.

The Brave project is lead by the inventor of JavaScript programming language and a co-founder of Mozilla Firefox –Brendan Eich.


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Brave and Binance

Recently, Brave –the Company behind the Brave Browser partnered with Binance –the Company behind the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world (Binance Exchange) to bring crypto trading directly to Brave users’ right inside their Browser.

Based on this partnership, the over 13 million and counting Brave users can opt to buy bitcoin and trade their favorite cryptocurrencies without having to go to Binance Exchange website.

Get The Brave Browser

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