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Everything You Need to Know to Be More Valuable and Successful on Publish0x: The Basic Rules, Guidelines, and the Publish0x Algorithm

By CryptoMarketing | CryptoMarketing | 3 Jan 2020

Are you an existing or intending author on Publish0x and looking for how to be more valuable and successful on the Platform? This post will give you the much needed insight.

There's no guarantee or some magical secret to becoming a successful blogger; but following some basic rules will give you a better chance of producing posts and contents that goes viral, popular and appearing on the top of the feed.

Hey! @CryptoSorted; what makes you an "expert" on this topic -Sorry dear, I am not ūüėÉ. Most of my posts are intended first for me. I follow the golden advice buried within the¬†Publish0x rules and code of conducts:

...Would you like to read what you've just written and are about the publish? If the answer is no, please don't publish the piece on Publish0x ~Publish0x.

So you see, I am my own favorite reader, fan and follower -‚ėļ. Most of my posts and contents are products of my research in search of answers to my own personal questions; so this post is valuable to me as much as it is for everyone else.

If "content is king on the Internet"; "valuable content is king on Publish0x" ~CryptoSorted

What is Publish0x

I got to know about Publish0x through this article by Mina Down on -Thanks Mina; while searching for a more convenient and suitable blogging platform that accommodate my special requirements.

Publish0x is a crypto-powered blogging platform where both publishers and readers earn crypto by publishing; reading or watching quality posts and contents. Founded by Dan Bainbridge -an Angel investor and blockchain enthusiast; Publish0x was launched in December 2018 and has since then grown by more than 10,000% in membership. From 300 in January 2019 to over 30,000 right now (January 2020). Publish0x allows for direct and nearly instant payments to both readers and writers with no meditating third parties (middlemen) like the other platforms.

Unique Features of Publish0x That Set's it Apart From Competitors Are:

1. Publish0x pays you in crypto -no senseless, privacy invasive KYC

2. Publish0x pays both authors and readers

3. Earning is guaranteed for anyone and everyone as long as you're a registered member-can you beat that?

Check the infographic below for additional information.

What is Publish0x Infographics

The Publish0x Rules, Terms of Service and Code of Conducts

These are the abridged rules of in simple terms. You will save yourself from unnecessary troubles if you take the time to digest them and play accordingly. Breaking these rules attracts diverse form of penalties such as:

1. Getting your Account RESTRICTED

2. Getting your Authorship REVOKED

Breaking any of the rules below will get your account restricted (I don't know for how long or the form of restriction you get -article will be updated regularly so always check back.)

  • You cannot create more than one (1) account per user. Creating more account for any reason will get your accounts restricted
  • You cannot use more than one account on the same internet connection (I personally have once ignorantly tried to register someone using my hotspot, I got an error message and decoded this might not be allowed -I stopped.)
  • You cannot use any form of automation to tip users. Use of bots, macros etc are prohibited.
  • You must not spam¬†the comments especially trying to get people to sign up for one service or product or soliciting for tips
  • You must not engage in activities intended to "cheat the system"

Breaking any of the rules below will get your authorship revoked.

  • You must not engage in "copying and pasting" someone else's content -articles, images or videos without their express written permission However you can use¬† Embedding videos from YouTube and other publicly available images from for example.
  • You must not create posts asking for donations, tip for tip (#tip4tip) or any form of "e-begging".
  • You must not publish spun or re-worded or low value contents. Post only contents that other people including yourself would like to read.
  • You cannot use your blog or post on Publish0x as a landing page for a shady offer.
  • You cannot your blog or post on Publish0x to publish anything illegal.
  • You must disclose within the posts whether a post is published for the purpose of getting bounty rewards.

The Publish0x Algorithm

We need to start talking about the Publish0x algorithm.

Publish0x is still in Beta stage and as such things are changing and will continue to change very fast as development work progresses. More so, my experience blogging on this platform is just about a few weeks, so I wouldn't dare claim that my understanding of the Publish0x algorithm is near perfect.

However Here my observations and views on how to be on the good side of the Publish0x algorithm and stand better chance of becoming more successful publishing on the Platform.

Publish Regularly (At Least Once a Day)

This is obvious and straightforward enough. The more you publish (of course good content) the more followers and engagement you get and the higher your posts rank on the platform. Personally, I didn't earn even $1 until my 5th post and as I produce more valuable contents I believe my posts will reach more people; helping me to gain more followers as well as earn better tips. However, remember to put quality above quantity. Publishing 4 useless articles every day wouldn't help anyone. If it takes you 3 days to produce one valuable content, then do so. Quality above all else!

Use Relevant Hash Tags

Currently I am still experimenting with the hash tags to see how each affects the performance of my posts. I am yet to finalize my research in this angle but one thing is worth noting at this stage -using the right hash tags will increase your chances of reaching an audience that's interested in your message and most likely engage with you by following, commenting and tipping your posts.

Use Relevant Key Words

it's still important to write Search Engine Optimized friendly contents. Use words and phrases that people will most likely type on Google on the search box on Publish0x in your headings and sub-headings for a higher chance of your post being discovered through searches. Writing search engine friendly content is not rocket science or a complicated skill you need a degree to acquire. Just focus on creating quality contents, use relevant key words in your posts headers and body and you're good to go. Read this helpful article for writing SEO friendly content.

Don't focus primarily on the money. The earnings are just a result of the quality and value you put in -So focus on that aspect. Writing and publishing high value posts that makes difference

Make Your Content Appealing and Easy to Read

...It is well written, detailed, interesting and nicely formatted -IgorTomic (Publish0x).

This was the last word of the Publicsh0x Team in a comment about the First Prize Winner of The best DApp Contest and I'm sure that sums up everything about this point.

How to Earn on Publish0x (Bonus For New Members)

Hello! and welcome to Publish0x. There are basically three ways to earn or make money on Publish0x and if you're like me you'll want to take advantage of all of them. So let's find out together:

  • Earn by Publishing Quality and Valuable Contents
  • Earn by Reading and Engaging with Quality Contents
  • Earn by Becoming an Ambassador (Referrals)

Earn on Publish0x by Publishing Quality and Valuable Contents

Publish great -valuable and useful posts that readers love and earn from tips which serves like as a reward for a job well done. Tips on Publish0x are similar to claps, up-votes on medium and steemit respectively. Consider it as a "thank you for sharing with us" gift from your readers.

Earn on Publish0x by Reading Quality and Valuable Contents

Do I have to be an author before I can earn on Publish0x? -NO; not necessarily. Enjoy the increasing number of high quality posts authors are producing daily, tip them for their efforts and keep a part of the gift to yourself. Seriously this is a game changer in the industry and worth commending The Team for such innovation and user-centric proposition. Imagine having access to some very vital information, educative and insightful contents for free and still get tipped for your time and attention on the platform. It's golden!

Earn on Publish0x by Becoming an Ambassador (Referrals)

A cool way to stack some sats passively is by becoming an Ambassador for Publish0x as you get to earn 5% of all the tips your referrals gives to an author. A great and innovative feature with this program I have noticed is that you can easily add your affiliate ID to the end of "any" post on the Publish0x platform and anyone who follows that link to and registers becomes your affiliate or referral. It makes the whole referring stuff less spammy and salesy.

Please you can bookmark this post as I will be updating it regularly as we grow along with the platform to keep it fresh, comprehensive and up to date with the latest developments.

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