NewsCrypto’s partnership with Travala, an endorsement of NWC’s greatness

By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 9 Apr 2021

The partnership which NewsCrypto enters with Travala is an endorsement of the greatness of NewsCrypto’s vision and the utility of the NWC coin. Travala, one of the leaders in the travel industry, has considered NWC as one of the greatest cryptocurrencies. Thus, it accepts it as a means of payment for the services it offers. 

The most interesting point is that Travala only accepts well-performing coins like bitcoin and ETH. If anyone, anywhere in the world was still doubting the worthy of NWC, as a cryptocurrency, one has to think otherwise. The NWC coin has joined the great of the greatest coins currently existing.

What this partnership brings to NWC and NewsCrypto?

The first and most important thing is NWC becomes a universal medium of exchange. This results in a high possibility of getting in a bull run. This is because soon, it will get into high demand. Imagine the effect on the NWC of someone who books a 5 star hotel in New York or Moscow, using it. Now visualize that 100 people per day decide to book accommodation across the world using NWC. This will increase the price of NWC significantly.

This mere scenario should ring a sense in anyone. But not to me because I accepted the high value and potential of NWC when I realised its role in the crypto trading world. The person who still down looks at NWC, is like the biblical doubting Thomas.

This partnership has great relevance in today’s world.  We consider this in light of what Travala is, the original vision of Satoshi Nakamoto and the spot that NewsCrypto occupies in the cryptotrading sphere.


As a matter of fact, Travala is the world’s leading blockchain based travel and booking platform, supported by millions of users the world over. Through it, people can book for more than 2 200 000 hotels and accommodation in more than 230 countries. In addition, Travala is connected with top accommodation providers, one can think of, in the sector. These include hotels, apartments, villas and 5-star luxury resorts

For these hotels and travel bookings and arrangements, people can pay using credit cards, debit cards and top cryptocurrencies. So, as a traveller, you can make a payment for the service you require at Travala using top cryptocurrencies. Among these top cryptocurrencies are ETH, Bitcoin and NWC.

What is also significant is the other Travala’s parters such as Expedia, Priceline, Agoda,, Tripadvisor and many others. These are big players in the travel and accommodation business. This means that NWC will be widely adopted. The more adopted a cryptocurrency is, the better it performs in the crypto space.

The existence and service which Travala avails is in line with the vision of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Vision of Satoshi Nakamoto

Nakamoto’s vision was to have a better method of paying for goods and services than national currencies. He advocated for an electronic cash system which is completely peer-to- peer. By inventing the bitcoin, he wanted it to be an acceptable medium of exchange.

For many years down the line, it seemed as though such a vision was unachievable. Of course bitcoin on its own would not achieve that vision due to its scarcity. However, the emergence of competitive cryptocurrencies such as ETH and NWC among others seem to bring that vision into reality. Now at Travala, for example people can pay for services using cryptocurrencies. But not just cryptocurrencies, but our own NWC too.

Therefore, NewsCrypto and its internal coin, NWC have helped to make the vision of Satoshi Nakamoto come true.


One cannot understand the utility of NWC and the all-important partnership with Travala, without understand the vision and logic of NewsCrypto. This cryptotrading educational platform is central to the spreading of trading technology and expertise to people around the globe.

Its overarching vision is to equip all crypto traders with knowledge of modern trading, techniques, strategies and tools. Currently, it is the best site for anyone to learn about trading in cryptocurrencies. However, it offers its community wide information on cryptocurrencies and the blockchain in general.

The NWC coins backs this large community of traders and experts. It drives the entire NewsCrypto ecosystem. In itself, NewsCrypto is an innovative platform, looking forward to changing the way people trade. It harnesses modern technology such as social media and news to access collective intelligence. It uses artificial intelligence to achieve this feat. Ok. This aside, let’s focus on the NewsCrypto- Travala partnership.

Specifics of the partnership

Probably, another very important fact is that Travala is backed by Binance exchange, which we all know for its seamless transactions.

The partnership with Travala enables all NWC holders to be able to pay for over three million travel products using the coin. More significantly, when paying using NWC, you get a 40% discount. This promotes the use of NWC globally, as people seek for such discounts.

This opportunity offers all NWC holders the chance to travel to any destination of choice in the world, paying using this coin. What a benefit this partnership has brought to the NewsCrypto community.

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