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By nopainnogain | CryptoShare | 26 Mar 2021

Hello everybody! Today i want to explain you how i managed to send btc without any fees!
Since the beginning of this year transaction’s fees went to the moon. So when i found my self in need of doing a few transactions in a row i realized it would cost me some hundreds dollars.

On some of the most known exchanges a btc withdraw cost around 0.0005 btc (more than 25$ at the moment i am writing).

After doing some researches I found a good solution with ftx exchange which is not charging any withdraw fee on any blockchain except of ethereum and of course ethereum tokens!      

Ftx exchange
Ftx is a cryptocurrency and derivatives exchange that support the majority of the most known coin.

What i really enjoyed when i discovered it:
-tier 1 verification with no kyc at all with withdraw limit 1000$ lifetime(just mail required)
-tier 2 verification by adding name, country of residence with withdraw limit 2000$ daily or even up to 9000$ daily with large traded amount
-no withdraw fees on any blockchain except of eth one
-2fa authentication
-low trading fees
-no deposit fees

Because of the easy verification you can set up an account in less than one minute and enjoy free withdrawals!
You can also get free withdraws on ethereum blockchain but for that you will need to stake at least 150 Ftt(ftx token).      


Always remember that you can:
-use a “cheap” transaction coin like ltc,xrp or whatever you like to fund your ftx account
-send usdt using trc20(so cheaper than erc20)
-send busd using bep2.

If you want to give a try to ftx:

Let me know what you think about my solution!

And what about you? Have you got some tip on saving on fees?  

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