MetaMask Wallet Navigation Tips. Cryptosetups Tutorial.

MetaMask Wallet Navigation Tips. Cryptosetups Tutorial.

By Cryptosetups | Cryptosetups | 14 Sep 2020

Metamask can be confusing at the start, so today I walk through some of the options in the wallet.

  • Naming your account. 
  • Where you can switch accounts.
  • Where to change gas fees when you send tokens.
  • How to add a token to your wallet if it doesn't appear in your Metamask wallet.
  • How to add a custom token if the token is not available in the pre populated list. 
  • Onramp options built into Metamask.

After this you should be feeling confident about using Metamask, the next tutorial I will start showing you how to use various dapps on ethereum.

Youtube and Lbry links have been added.




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