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Leonicorn Swap - New DEX poised to take DeFi by storm

I first wrote about Leonicorn Swap (LCS) way back in July—when its LEOS token was only a few weeks old and you could snap them up at only $0.19—since then LEOS has dazzled, hitting an ATH of $2.00, and the LEON has launched delivering healthy gains for early investors. Despite these early gains there remains a lot of space for future growth as teh ecosystem is still very much in its infancy. The LCS project has come a long way, and—following an exemplary audit from Hacken and industry topping security ratings—the Leonicorn Swap DEX launched on the 21st October without a hitch.

Since its launch day LCS has continued to operate without issues, despite the recent BSC network congestion, and has been delivering solid passive incomes, for its users, ever since.



Leonicorn Swap is a Binance Smart Chain based, low fee AMM, offering the usual DEX features of trading, liquidity provision, farming and staking. Many features are to be launched in the next few weeks—including lottery, launchpad, and an innovative NFT marketplace.

LCS, as a next generation DEX, has openly declared its plans to replace Pancake Swap as BSC's leading DEX and then expand into the wider cryptoverse.

The DEX itself is slick and well designed, delivering a clean and modern interface, free of the clutter or cutesy gaudiness offered by many of its DeFi competitors—responsive and professional, LCS is a breath of fresh air in the DeFi space, where a sense of irreverence is often pervasive. 

The DEX is currently available in English, Chinese and Korean languages.


The DEX offers LP yield farming functions in its 'Meat' section, farms are returning rock solid APRs, some of which render competitors irrelevant-

  • 34.43% USDT-BUSD stable pair.
  • 41.86% USDC-DAI stable pair.
  • 74.29% USDT-ETH pair.
  • 79.51% CAKE-BNB pair - a real PCS killer.
  • 192.57% CLU-LEON pair.

APRs are dynamic so change based on fluctuations in the values of the farmed and reward tokens and of the value of the staked liquidity. I have been unable to find APRs on stable pairs that come even close to the ones available on LCS. There are many more farms available and more set to appear in the next few weeks.




In addition to LP farming there is also a single token staking section, currently this offers investors the choice of two caves, one returning LEON for staked LEOS and the second a LEON for LEON pool. The bulk of investors, in bullish expectation, have their tokens staked in this area for LEON rewards.

Also available to investors is a separate single staking section where investors can lock LEOS tokens for set periods of between 30 and 365 days, in return for high fixed APRs. These popular pools have limited availability so pools periodically open and close.

Plans are in place to launch partner caves in the near future, the first of which will be a CluCoin pool. 


For many just a minor feature but critical to the success of the DEX .The LCS team launched the information and API functions on 7th November, which will allow LCS to be integrated as a DEX market source on information aggregators such as CoinMarketCap and Coin Gecko, and report accurate price data for chart providers. The function is tidy and slick like the rest of the LCS DEX and will allow users to deep dive into the minutia of trading volumes and liquidity performance without leaving the DEX.

A functioning API is also paves the way for entry into Binance's Most Valuable Builder programme.


The team have revealed plans to launch several features in the next few weeks, including - 

  • Lottery - constructed around Chainlink's VRF the lottery is set to become a popular function offering huge prizes and burning LEON tokens.
  • IJO - Initial Jungle Offering will be LCS's innovative launchpad for new tokens, the team have promised to vet partners carefully to protect investors from malign players. IJOs will generate significant burns of LEON tokens



This is where things get exciting, LCS has grown at a tremendous pace, locking in over $33m of value within days of launch and forging partnerships with Chainlink, Clu Coin, Alpaca Finance, and—yet things are only just getting started-

  • Cross chain DeFi - next year the DEX will launch cross chain functionality, with Solana, AVAX, Harmony One, and Algorand all being possibilities.
  • CEX listings, top tier CEX have been applied for, the team are unable to discuss these due to NDAs but I fully expect to see listings on CEXs such as Kucoin, OKEX and Binance in the near future.
  • Binance's MVBII program entry completed.
  • Lootbox feature, a mysterious feature mentioned by developers.
  • Live customer support around the clock. 

 There is considerable room for growth in the ecosystem and for its associated tokens. Currently LEON and LEOS are in an accumulation phase allowing a great entry point for investors to buy and accumulate further through staking and farming. Leonicorn Swap presents investors with a rare opportunity to 'get in early' on a real project built on solid fundamentals, which has a bright future—if you missed CAKE this is an opportunity to be early. The LCS team are committed to delivering a market dominating ecosystem and the CTO has an ambitious two year roadmap.


LCS has an extremely active community, mostly operating across several groups on Telegram, but also in Reddit and Discord. LCS has community managers active around the clock and has plans to develop a 24hour live support system.

In August LCS's early investors (including whales) showed their backing for the project by locking millions of LEOS tokens into fixed term staking, demonstrating long term faith in the project and its team.

Currently LCS offers English, Chinese and Turkish Telegram groups but is looking to expand this to include Indonesian in the near future. LCS intends to keep building on its international groups. 

The LCS team are active and responsive within their community, and unlike many projects it is completely normal to see the CEO, CMO and CTO active in the groups, answering queries and responding to comments and suggestions. The admin team, drawn from the community and hailing from all over teh globe, are always on hand to assist with queries and issues that arise.

Like many successful projects LCS has attracted scammers, so please remember that LCS admins and team members will not contact you by direct message without you contacting them first. It is advisable to follow links to community groups directly from the projects website or sources such as CoinMarket Cap, as there are fake Telegram groups springing up every day.


LCS has a very experienced CMO, with over 340k followers on twitter, and as you might expect marketing is gathering pace. LCS has an ongoing marketing campaign on the Chinese BTOK platform which has delivered astounding growth in the Chinese sector - in the space of just two weeks LCS's Chinese Telegram group as swelled to over 52k members and now is poised to exceed the English language groups 56k members.

In November LCS is scheduled to appear on Korean cable TV services, on the same platform which delivered explosive growth for Metahero back in September. Rapid growth in the Korean sector is forecast, which should deliver equally rapid growth in TVL and token values.

You can wait for the impacts of marketing to start delivering parabolic rises, or you could get in now while prices are still low. Before you head of to dive into the LCS ecosystem, remember that LCS is a DEX and as such it is advisable to complete your trades on the LCS DEX.

Both tokens are available on a range of CEXs but DO NOT buy on PancakeSwap as the liquidity available there was added by a third party and is extremely limited, which will result in excessive payments.

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