BestDapp title can go to DENT Dapp for innovation
Dent Dapp on a phone

BestDapp title can go to DENT Dapp for innovation

By beareader | cryptopinion | 11 Dec 2019

DENT is a token a project and a Dapp, it was born with the idea to make the telecommunication market efficient and more affordable, just the wasted traffic alone is around 15% and it is prepaid!

The DENT Dapp offers

a marketplace where people can buy global packages usable in 85 countries and counting, made available by 190 carriers.

dent dapp countries and carriers

the possibility to send top-ups of data. airtime and credits to any phone in the world

A reward program to earn free DENTS every day after watching an AD, so you get 700 DENT every 3 days

daily rewards

a kind of staking system recently added and called "Afterburner" that gives advantages to who locks in the vault DENT tokens 

afterburner program DENT

and depending on the number of DENT you lock in the vault you get various rewards like free voice minutes every 2 weeks and bigger percentage as referral bonus and an augmented daily reward bonus 

afterburner 1  afterburner 2

As you can understand it is possible to get DENTs with rewards and then lock them in the vault (i still did not get there so I am not sure 100%) but it is not a bad idea at all, it gives you a way to save on calls, the only thing I believe is negative is that you cannot withdraw the DENT tokens from the Dapp so once they are in you can only spend them in the Dapp or lock them in the vault but maybe they will change it in the future.


DENT Wireless is giving everybody the possibility (at least the ones with android OS because the iOS version hasn't the "earn" section used to give DENTs for free.)  to call for free.

On the website there is an exchange usable to trade not only DENT for BTC, ETH, and BNB but even packages of mobile data and voice.

The eSIM is coming and it will liberate the market from the big reigning corporations and DENT is ahead of times.


DENT supply is rather high, the tokens stay in the Dapp and many do not like this aspect but this could be an advantage because it's possible the price will go up in the meantime and their inherent value will too.

It is not available to all countries, yet.

My reflink to the Dapp will give you 500 DENT:


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