Picky Cup 10122021

CryptoPick Picky Cup - 10/12/21 - FREE NFTs

Picky Cup 10122021

Tomorrow it's Pick Cup time 🏆  

Like every Friday, we will hold a live tournament with Picky and NFT prizes.  

So come show your picking skills and go home with some epic prizes.  

Friday 10 Dec 2021 at 3 PM CET  

Show off your skills and become a legend! 

Everything will be live streamed📺

See you there!

  #PlayToEarn #FreeNFTs #Play2Learn #P2E  

🔥Register on CryptoPick HERE🔥

For more information about CryptoPick, you can read our articles "CryptoPick 2.0 — Battle, Trade & Earn"

and "Game update 11-12-2021"

Become a Crypto Picker!

CryptoPick is free, fun and breaks the news. Don't be a pickle and join the picker's club!

Official Website: https://cryptopick.net/

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CryptoPick is a PvP market prediction game that rewards players in #ETH, #NFT's & Pickies while unlocking valuable trading insights. Join here: https://cryptopick.net Predict, discover &Earn


CryptoPick is a PvP trading game where players compete against each other to earn ETH, Pickies, and NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Playing CryptoPick is a simple way to develop and test your trading skills while earning crypto and NFTs without risking anything. Official website: https://cryptopick.net/

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