CryptoPick 2.0 — Battle, Trade & Earn

CryptoPick 2.0 — Battle, Trade & Earn



Time for a new chapter in the CryptoPick adventure! After joining the KERNEL acceleration program and talking with some of the greatest minds in web3, we realized we had some significant issues with our business model and the legality of our project. But stopping after having dedicated almost three years to this project and having the fantastic Pickers community behind us was not an option. Thus, leading to intense brainstorming on how we could fix this and what the future of CryptoPick would become. That's where the new concept (pivot) emerged…a PvP trading game!


The issues we needed to tackle:

  • No more custody: The option to deposit ETH has been removed because holding crypto from players meant we needed to get several licenses, add a KYC & AML process, and include huge risks. Don't worry; removing deposits has no impact on the fact that players get rewarded in ETH or Pickies and can withdraw those earned funds.
  • No more betting: The option to bet ETH or Pickies has been removed because this implied that we needed gambling licenses. Our goal has never been to create a gambling platform nor be considered a casino.
  • No more slow-paced games: The UP/DOWN and MOON/DOOM games were fun and exciting, but we heard a lot of players' feedback saying they wanted something more active with faster results. We may add a simplified variant of the UP/DOWN and MOON/DOOM games in the future.


The concepts we desired to keep:

  • Play 2 Earn: CryptoPick has always been about rewarding people for playing the game, this is one of our core values, and it will not change. Our goal is to give people from anywhere in the world a risk-free way to discover the crypto markets and learn how to trade while earning crypto and NFT's.
  • Utility NFTs: The vision of the CryptoPick NFTs has not changed. It even got enhanced! To fully enjoy all our game modes and get the most out of them, you will have to own CryptoPick NFTs. In the future, NFTs will also unlock abilities that you will be able to activate during games. And much more utility will follow.
  • PvP (Player versus Player): Our mission to create games where players compete against other players remains one of our top priorities, and we are sure that this experience will even be stronger now. We also added a solo mode to play and test your skills whenever you feel like it.
  • Pickies becoming a token: The main reward of playing CryptoPick is earning Pickies. To ensure that the Pickies you earn will have value, several critical components of the CryptoPick ecosystem will only work with Pickies.


The new CryptoPick game

5-minute games where you long/short the market to get the highest score possible. It is that simple! Based on this concept, several game modes are available:

  • Solo: a player trades alone to test his/her skills and earn some Pickies
  • Duel: 2 players duel to gain Pickies and CPR (potentially earning ETH)
  • Battle: 5 players battle to earn loads of Pickies

And many more game modes will be released, like Battle Royale, Death Match, Team Matches, etc.


The new Leaderboard

Tournaments have disappeared, but there is a new way to earn ETH! The Leaderboard now only shows the CPR of players, which is gained by playing the Duel game mode. At the end of each season (which is every week right now), players with the highest CPR will be rewarded in ETH, after which everyone's CPR gets reset to 1000, and another season starts.


The Roadmap

Last but not least, we want to share a roadmap of the upcoming months!


⚔ See you on the battleground ⚔


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CryptoPick is a PvP trading game where players compete against each other to earn ETH, Pickies, and NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Playing CryptoPick is a simple way to develop and test your trading skills while earning crypto and NFTs without risking anything. Official website:

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