5 top blockchain games

Top 5 Blockchain Games

By CryptoPB | CryptoPB | 13 Aug 2020



1.  Splinterlands



This is a multiplayer collectible card game. We can see a similarity to pokemon games mixed with characters, e.g. from Warcraft.
The game itself has a very well-developed storyline set in a mystical world.
It is based on Steem Blockchain, which offers us fast transactions and full transparency.
The game itself has been at the top of blockchain games rankings for a long time.
It is very popular thanks to its simple operation and graphic design.



2.  Crypto Dynasty



A trading game, unfortunately only for mobile devices.
We use the Three Kingdoms Token (TKT), and it's about improving your heroes, forging equipment for them, buying a mount and of course collecting materials.
It gives us the opportunity to trade assets for rewards.
The game is very interesting, of course for those who like this kind of games and earn money on occasion.

And its on Blockchain EOS.



3.  Upland




EOS blockchain game.
Buy your own property or become a treasure hunter.
You want life, freedom or your property then you will find it here.
It is a game of collecting individual items and receiving income for owning them.
Of course, I have the option of reselling my goods, as well as searching for new items.
The currency that we use in the game is UPX.
We can buy it with a credit card, PayPal, or with the help of other cryptocurrencies.




Game on EOS Blockchain
It is a real-time economic strategy game with a player-generated economy.
As in this type of games, the prices of products and services are determined on the basis of supply and demand. You can develop or build your new business and earn money from it.
Begin your adventure with gold.




5. IOI-game


It is one of the new products that gives us gaming and trading.
The game itself is about races between players in which we have to predict the stock market fluctuations of individual cryptocurrencies and choose the appropriate type of fuel, i.e. one of the cryptocurrencies for our vehicle.
This is a fairly new type of crypto game.
On TRON Blockchain.








Stats from https://dappradar.com/rankings

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