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DogeLand a new scam Game or real opportunity to invest.

By Cryptoooz | Cryptoooz | 22 Mar 2021

Today I would like to share with you a new discovery, this is a new game called DogeLand.


The principle is simple, Create an account, invest in a character to mine Doges.

However, when you register you will receive a Bonus of 30$, this Bonus cannot be withdrawn since it will be transferred in the form of a "Baby Doge" or a small miner, which will allow you to mine without investing.

Using the Baby Doge you can earn around 2 Doge Coins per day and the minimum witherable Qty of Doge is 250. The only inconvenient is we are obliged to connect every day to collect the mined Coins.

Of course, you get more if you invest in more efficient Miner like

“Hard Doge” who will ensure the mining of 4,6 Doge per day and the most efficient is “Winner & Driver Doge” who will mine 1794 Doge per day.

Also, Gamer could invest in different minefield as well, more you invest, more you increase your ROI.


the weak part of the concept is that there is no real game, no advertising, nor any explanation of the origin of the doge coins which will be distributed to players who will not invest. doubtful! no?

Yes, it's smell the scam! Lol.

In my opinion the game is still worth trying, but I will not recommend anyone to invest. at least on my side, that's for sure!

Let’s wait and see! Hopefully I'm wrong!


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