Buy This Shitcoin And You Deserve To Get Rekt  - Bitboy Crypto Promotes $BEN 2.0

Buy This Shitcoin And You Deserve To Get Rekt 💩 Bitboy Crypto Promotes $BEN 2.0

Do you remember when Bitboy Crypto, also known as Ben Armstrong, traveled to the Bahamas to hunt for Sam Bankman Fried by the end of last year?

Well, it appears that this individual, with over a million followers on both Twitter and YouTube, may be a scammer himself.

Honestly, you sent your hard-earned Ethereum to this address and deserve to get rekt.

sent your hard-earned Ethereum to this address and you deserve to get rekt.

Ben Armstrong already heavily damaged his own reputation in the crypto space by shilling a worthless meme token with the ticker $BEN to his followers. Well, that's not the first time, to be honest. He has already shilled a couple of failed and scammy crypto projects to his followers in the past.

He promised not to sell any of his $BEN tokens to prove his honesty but not even a week after he made that statement he dumped all of his shitcoins on the market and his loyal followers, reportedly for more than 45 $ETH. All in all, everything around the $BEN token screams rug pull.

It seems that 45 Ethereum had not been enough and the scam goes on, just with another coin. Yesterday, he announced on his Youtube Channel that he is launching another token. Listen to this.

This new token with the ticker $DUBAI is designed to prevent you from selling $BEN tokens when purchasing another new coin he is launching. The new token shall be airdropped to $BEN holders but so far, no one received it.

The Twitter community is, let's say irritated about this new token launch.

Ben Armstron Bitboy Crypto scam tokens $BEN and $DUBAI


My Final Conclusion

Ben Armstrong claimed to uplift the crypto industry, but his fraudulent behavior damages it, while at the same time reflecting the industry's current state. 

What do you think about the new token $DUBAD that Bitboy is shilling right now? It probably won't take long until he deletes his tweets about $DUBAI and he did it with the last scams and failed projects he promoted. What do you think?

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