Presearch User Guide

The Ultimate Presearch User Guide

You guys know me as a big fan of the Presearch search engine. I have already published five posts about Presearch in the past covering different aspects of the search engine. This one is my sixth article about Presearch on Publish0x and it´s the most comprehensive one I have written so far.

It´s the ultimate Presearch user guide containing everything you need to know about the decentralized search engine.

This ultimate Presearch user guide covers eight different aspects of the decentralized search engine. If you are already familiar with one of these topics, feel free to simply skip to the next topic.

1. What is Presearch?

2. What are the benefits of using Presearch?

3. Make Presearch your default search engine

4. What are Pre Levels?

5. What is Keyword Staking?

6. The $PRE Token

7. Presearch Nodes

8. Inviting family and friends to Presearch (and to crypto)



1. What Is Presearch?

Presearch is a blockchain-based, decentralized search engine powered by the community. The unique selling point of Presearch is that you will be rewarded with Presearch tokens ($PRE) each time you use Presearch to search the internet.

Presearch currently counts close to 2 million total registered users, as well as around 900,000 search queries a day.



2. What Are The Benefits of Using Presearch?

Well, the first benefit of using Presearch is pretty obvious. You get rewarded with $PRE tokens for searching the web. However, there are also other benefits of using Presearch that may be not that obvious to you.

At the moment, there is one big search engine called Google that has monopolized the market of search engines. This monopolization gives a lot of power to one private company. The internet is still free but it is ruled by a few centralized companies. Companies that have a bigger market capitalization than Bitcoin. That´s crazy. This is probably my main motivation to use Presearch as my default search engine. I believe that the world really deserves an alternative search engine, a search engine that is open, transparent, and decentralized. This is exactly what Presearch does, not only by rewarding its users but also by involving the community in the development of the product.

Another benefit is that Presearch is also privacy-focused. Presearch does not track or store any of your information or searches. Unlike some online giants like Google, with Presearch, you control your data, choosing if and when to share it.

Finally, you are also receiving high-quality search results. The search results had massively improved since the introduction of the search nodes at the beginning of February. Sometimes, the search results from Presearch are even better than the results from its big competitors. For example, when you search cryptocurrencies, the results are just awesome. Well, this is because Presearch is using the CoinGecko API. Just try it yourself, presearch a cryptocurrency and check the quality of the search result.


3. Make Presearch Your Default Search Engine

After you have signed up for Presearch, you can set Presearch as the default search engine on your browser. I recommend doing so right at the beginning because in this way you can ensure that you use Presearch frequently for really all your searches.

There are already some nice alternative browsers on the market allowing you to set Presearch as your default search engine. If you are still using Google Chrome, you might want to consider switching your browser.

For example, you can easily combine Presearch with your Brave Browser by making it your standard search engine. Simply go to the Google Chrome store and install the Presearch Search Extension. Brave Browser and Google Chrome are both running on Chromium, that´s why you can install all add-ons from the Google Chrome Store also on your Brave Browser. So with just a few clicks, you have combined Presearch with your Brave Browser by making it your default search engine. Now, with the Presearch Search Extension installed, you can use directly from your browser's address bar.

At the moment, only IOS mobile users are facing difficulties making Presearch the default search engine on their mobile. The Presearch devs are already working on solving the IOS mobile issue right now. After the IOS mobile issue is solved, users will be able to set Presearch as your default search engine on really all devices.

Again, I do recommend that the first thing that you do after your sign up is setting Presearch as your default search engine. It´s the only way for you to really ensure that you use Presearch intentionally for every search you perform.


4. What Are PRE Levels?

When you start using Presearch frequently, you need to know what PRE Levels are and why they are implemented on the platform.

The thing is that when you perform a web search with Google you never think of earning any crypto or money with it. The only reason for you to use Google is to get the search results you are looking for. You have a real need to find some specific information. In this way, you are adding value to the Google project with your performed searches. Your search data has a value. Google uses the data from your searches to monetize it by displaying ads but pays you zero, nada, nothing.

With Presearch it´s different as Presearch rewards you with $PRE tokens for your searches. As a result, some users start using Presearch as a kind of faucet and perform some nonsense searches just to get the search reward. These nonsense searches are not a normal search behavior that is adding value to the project. These searches are not helping to improve and grow the project. Even worse than PRE token farming by performing nonsense searches are automated programs or bots designed to earn rewards. That´s why it is considered abusive behavior in Presearch`s terms of use that you agree to when you sign up.

For this reason, Presearch needs to ensure that people are not just using Presearch just to accumulate $PRE tokens without adding value to the system. 

Presearch needed to create a fair and proactive system that rewards users for adding value to the Presearch ecosystem. Users are adding value to the project by authentically searching the web and not by $PRE token farming. This system is called the Rewards Verification System (RVS).

Presearch has invested a lot of time and lots of development resources in this important system in order to combat abusive behavior like $PRE token farming. This was an important step in moving towards creating a fair, proactive system that rewards Presearchers for adding value to the project by authentically searching the web.

PRE level

You can see your current PRE Level and based on your PRE Level the number of eligible tokens to withdraw in your dashboard. Level 5 and above are considered to be authentic search behavior, everything below Level 5 is considered to be unauthentic. 

With this PRE Level system, every time you search, you have the chance to increase your PRE Level score. So the system is proactive and fair. 

 I believe that when you just forget about earning $PRE tokens then your searches will automatically become authentic. When you search the web authentically then you really don´t have to worry about your PRE Level at all.


5. What Is Keyword Staking?

Now after you understood the most important points, you can go a little bit deeper and check out Keyword Staking on Presearch. Keyword Staking is an innovative way of advertising similar to Google Adwords. With Keyword Staking, you can drive traffic to your website, your business or you can simply monetize the free traffic with affiliate programs like the ambassador program from Publish0x. In this way, almost anyone is able to earn money with Keyword Staking.

Keyword Staking enables you to stake your $PRE tokens against specific words and multi-word terms. You choose a keyword, for example, Bitcoin, and you then stake the $PRE tokens that you have purchased or earned against that term. You can then create an ad that you link to the website of your choice. To do this, simply navigate to the Staking Dashboard in your Presearch account.

While your $PRE tokens are staked, you continue to own and control your $PRE tokens, but you can´t use them to stake against other keywords. You can unlock or unstake them at any time to withdraw them, but then your associated ads will not show anymore.

This means that if you stake $PRE tokens against keywords, you can receive traffic while you have them locked up. You can still sell your $PRE tokens later once you stop using them for staking.



6. The $PRE Token

The Presearch Token ($PRE) is the native token of the Presearch ecosystem. It is an ERC20 Utility Token built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is primarily used to transfer value between the participants of their two-sided marketplace. The advertisers are generating the token demand in the first place. They are buying $PRE tokens to use them in Keyword Staking while users of Presearch are earning them as rewards. Since the launch of the Presearch nodes, $PRE tokens can also be used for Node staking.

For a long time, the search rewards were static at 0,25 $PRE. With the introduction of the search nodes, the calculation of the search rewards has become dynamic and is now somewhere around 0,12 $PRE. Now the impression is that you are receiving fewer rewards. That´s just an impression because when you also look at the price, you are actually receiving a bigger reward. $PRE is not worth one cent anymore, it is now worth ten times more. According to my math, you are now receiving one cent per search instead of 0,25 cents when the search rewards were static at 0,25 $PRE.

However, you may be earning more USD per search now, but the current withdrawal limit is still 1000 $PRE. This is some kind of psychological barrier for many users as it will take them several months to years to reach the current withdrawal limit of 1000 $PRE. Now, don´t worry, the Presearch team is already aware of this issue and there is currently a lot of stuff going on and things are changing. Also, the withdrawal limit is subject to change, especially with the increasing value of $PRE. 

Over time, Presearch will be leveraging $PRE also for the curation of content. There may be a fee or some $PRE that you have to stake in order to submit a website to the Presearch index, and then users can upvote or downvote that website by staking their $PRE.

Presearch Token`s price today is around $0.10 and it is currently located somewhere around market cap rank #500. $PRE has a circulating supply of 400 Million coins and a maximum supply of 500 Million coins.

UniswapKuCoin, and Probit are the current most active markets trading $PRE. According to data from CoinGecko, KuCoin has the highest liquidity, that´s why I recommend using KuCoin to trade your $PRE tokens. Alternatively, you can also use the Presearch Marketplace to trade $PRE tokens within the Presearch Community. The Presearch marketplace also allows you to buy $PRE with $BTC, $ETH, Wire Transfer, PayPal, Skrill, or Visa Card.

Since $PRE is an ERC20 token, it is supported by all cryptocurrency wallets that support ERC20 tokens. I recommend using one of these five wallets that I had covered in my post TOP 5 ERC20 Wallets To Withdraw Your Tokens From Publish0x if you just like to hodl your $PRE tokens.


7. Presearch Nodes

Presearch launched its node-powered search engine on January 28th and this was actually a big step forward. The Presearch Nodes are used to process user search requests. Node operators get rewarded with $PRE tokens for joining and supporting the network. Rewards are paid to all node operators who are staking at least 1,000 PRE to their node.

The launch of the search nodes was an important step towards becoming a fully decentralized search engine.

The Presearch nodes are currently running in beta mode. At the beginning of March, the Presearch Node stats and rewards went live.

The next steps in this development include the public node beta, public node explorer, and ultimately the launch of user nodes on the mainnet.

You can also support decentralization and start running a search node by yourself which is actually relatively easy.

Basically, all you need to do is install a program called Docker on your computer or virtual server, register your node and get a registration code, and then run the node start commands. You do not need much disk space, much memory, or much CPU to run a node, but what you need for sure is a fast internet connection.

If you want to support decentralization and start running a search node by yourself, then the Presearch Nodes Group on Telegram is the right place to be. You can ask all your questions there and they will be answered. You may also want to check out Presearch´s YouTube channel. There, you will find some nice tutorials about how to set up and run a search node.


8. Inviting Friends And Family To Presearch (and to crypto)

The cool thing is that you get your first 25 $PRE for free when you use an invitation link for signing up to Presearch. You only get them when you use an invitation link. If you don`t use such an invitation link, you don`t receive them. So if you are not already using Presearch right now, you can use my invitation link to receive your first 25 $PRE for free, currently worth around $2,50. Now the fun part starts.

After you have signed up to Presearch, you will have your own invitation link that you can use to invite your friends and family members to Presearch. Not only your friends and family members will receive 25 $PRE. You will also receive them once each referral has earned 50 search reward tokens, and has been active 30 days after the initial sign-up.

Another great benefit of the invitation program is that you can introduce newbies to the world of crypto. Searching the web is a very simple task that really everyone can perform, you don´t need to be a cryptocurrency expert at all to do that. You can refer anyone to Presearch who is frequently searching the web, which means almost everyone. For this reason, I believe that projects like Presearch really help the cryptocurrency space as a whole to reach mass adaptation. 


My Final Words

Now, after you have read my ultimate Presearch user guide, you should know everything that you need to know about Presearch. For all the other stuff that you don´t need to know about Presearch, please #DYOR. 😁

Keep in mind that Presearch is developing really fast. It is possible that we see a layer 2 solution for $PRE or even its migration to another chain to solve the issue of the high ERC20 transaction fees. It is also possible that Presearch will introduce its own internet browser and with it another great usecase for $PRE tokens. If you like to stay up to date on these exciting developments, I recommend following Presearch on their social media channels like here on Publish0x, on Twitter, on Medium, or on YouTube.

Please note that this post is my entry to the #SearchWithPresearch writing competition here on Publish0x. However, my post really reflects my own opinion. I already published five posts about Presearch on Publish0x in the past covering different aspects of the search engine. You find the links to all my five previous posts in the resources. When I saw that one of my favorite projects in the land of crypto is doing a writing competition on my favorite blogging platform, it was just like a question of honor to enter the competition.

I hope I could provide you with some useful information about Presearch and if that´s the kind of stuff that you like to read on Publish0x, make sure to hit that follow button at the end of my post.

Don´t forget that if you haven´t signed up for Presearch yet, you can still receive your first 25 $PRE for FREE just for signing up via this link.

Thank you guys as always for reading, liking, following, and tipping 👍

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Remember: You Are Throwing Away Money If You Don`t Use Presearch!



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