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iOS Mobile Users Can´t Earn $BAT But They Can Earn $PRE 🤓

More than a year ago, I told you that Brave Browser and Presearch are a great combination. Well, it´s true when it comes to desktop devices but the situation is different on iOS mobile devices.

I have just replaced Brave with the new Presearch Browser on my IOS mobile devices and here is why.


One of the cool things of using the Brave Browser is that you can earn $BAT just for browsing the web and seeing some ad notifications. Presearch on the other hand rewards you with $PRE tokens just for searching the web. If you combine both on your desktop device, you can earn for browsing and searching at the same time.

This works well for desktop devices but unfortunately not for iOS mobile devices. Brave Rewards was not compliant with the Apple store guidelines. As a result, Brave had to remove Brave Reards from the iOS mobile versions. No more rewards in Basic Attention Tokens for iPhone and iPad users.

The good news is that Presearch has just released its own Browser in the Apple app store which is actually a fork of the Chromium-based Brave Browser. When you switch from Brave to Presearch, you will be still enjoying the same privacy-preserving iOS browser you already know.

The big difference is that you are able to earn rewards again. Install the Preasearch mobile app for iOS devices and navigate to to log in to your account and start earning $PRE for searching the web.

$PRE Rewards are compliant with the Apple store guidelines as they are not natively integrated into the Browser like $BAT. Instead, you have to navigate to the Presearch website to log in. 

For search engines like Presearch, it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to integrate within the established browsers, just to be one of the search options and some like the Brave Browser simply refused to make Presearch a search option as they want to come up with their own search engine. Well, it’s their position of dominance and control over their user's attention that they leverage. 

Finally, Presearch has come to change that. Coming up with an own browser is just the right answer 


My Final Words

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Don´t forget that if you haven´t signed up for Presearch yet, you can still receive your first 25 $PRE for FREE just for signing up via this link.

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