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Buy and Hold a great Cryptocurrency until it is no longer great 🤓

I just went through my Twitter timeline hoping to find some inspiration for my next post. Lots of crypto news on Twitter but nothing really interesting.

I don't know how it came to my mind but I thought to myself: "Hey Cryptonator, let's have a look at what de Meselman is doing right now."

For example, he is always giving great advice on how to treat women. That's probably also the reason why he has more than just one woman down in South Africa.


For those of you who don't know Marc de Mesel, he is a Dutchy who has his balls deep in Bitcoin Cash. In other words: He is a massive Bitcoin Cash Whale. His balls are so deep in Bitcoin Cash, that he can fund the whole low-quality spamfest on with $4.000 each day.

Besides that, he is also the biggest donator of the fund.


When I checked out his Twitter profile, I expected the usual Bitcoin Cash maximalist stuff like "I go all-in on Bitcoin cash because it is the real Bitcoin."

But this time something was different, so different that I could barely believe my eyes!

What I found was this Tweet. Read it carefully!

Read it again for a second time and think about it.

I never ever expected such a Tweet from de Meselman. If you are also not believing your eyes as well, here is an additional screenshot.


Marc de Mesel, I agree with you! He is absolutely right and it is indeed smart to apply the most important investing lesson from Brian Feroldi (whoever this is) to crypto, for example, Bitcoin Trash, I mean Cash. 😅

So the summary of the most important investing lesson is, fasten your seatbelts:

Buy and hold great cryptocurrencies until they are no longer great! 


That's indeed a smart if not THE best investment lesson and indeed Bitcoin Cash is a very good example!

At the beginning of Bitcoin Cash, there were not many cryptocurrencies on the market besides Bitcoin.

But since then times have changed, the markets have changed. They have changed dramatically. As of today, there are more than 10.000 different cryptocurrencies listed on the market and not just Bitcoin together with a handful of altcoins that were simply forked from Bitcoin.

If you just look at the TOP 20 coins on CoinGecko today, you won't find Bitcoin Cash in it any longer.

Slowly but surely it is climbing down the ranks.

Now let's also have a look at the price chart of Bitcoin Cash.

While Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum are seeing new all-time highs, Bitcoin Cash is still far away below its old all-time high. 

Bitcoin and Ethereum and many many others would have been a better investment. Those who have invested only In Bitcoin Cash have missed out on some great opportunities. The charts simply don`t lie.


The all-time high in December 2017 was at $3,785.82 and today Bitcoin Crash, I mean Cash, is crumbling around $600.

It will most likely NOT get back to its old all-time high. When that happens, I'll eat a broom.

BCH makes only 0.43% of the total market capitalization which is almost nothing.

That's because Bitcoin Cash is not the real Bitcoin and also not the real Ethereum. It is also not the real Ethereum because the BCH Smart Chain is also NOT going to be a game-changer For Bitcoin Cash. Why? Because the competition among smart contract platforms is already pretty big.

What you see happening on Bitcoin Cash Smart Chain is one rug pull followed by another one while there are already a bunch of big competitors like Ethereum 2.0, Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, Cardano, and so on. Huge competition with great products that are either already working or about to roll out. 


I am surprised that even Marc de Mesel has seen the signs of the time. What a smart guy!

Don't get me wrong. If you are earning some BCH on read or noise then be happy that you got some more or less free money but do not think that it will moon any time soon.

Really, it is good that you earn BCH but then do it like Marc de Mesel. Go and invest your BCH in great crypto and then hold it until it is no longer great.

So, honestly, I am sick of reading all this Bitcoin Cash maximalists stuff on the Bitcoin Cash shill factories like: "I go all-in on Bitcoin Cash because it is the real Bitcoin." I just can't take talks like this anymore because it is driving me absolutely crazy! 😵‍💫

Or stuff like Bitcoin maximalists are shadowbanning BCH on Twitter and Reddit.



Now honestly, What comes next? The BTC maximalist from CMC and CoinGecko are manipulating the charts or what absurdity comes next?

If you are smart then you use that Bitcoin Cash from wherever you got it from to invest it in a great cryptocurrency that has potential! Then, I can only repeat myself, you do it like Marc de Mesel and hold it until it is no longer great!

If you want to go all-in on BCH, then I just can not help you. Go for it but just do not say that I haven't told you.

Now if Marc de Meselman starts dumping his whale bags on the market then you should know where the journey is going! Then the sauce really goes completely down the drain, not slowly but surely anymore like now but pretty fast. Another thing, the shill factories will also run out of BCh and then they are also gone.

So here is another translation of his Tweet: He bought and held Bitcoin Cash at a time when it was great until now that it is no longer great.

If you are smart you listen at least to Marc de Meselman, the former alumni of BCH. it would be enough if you take his advice and not mine.

If you are somehow already totally brainwashed by the Bitcoin Cash shill factories then keep on believing that Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin and keep on staying all in. That is not my problem at all because I invest in great cryptocurrencies and then I keep on holding them until they are no longer great!


My Final Words

Puh, I am done now, and writing this post feels like another successful self-therapy after all that Bitcoin Cash maximalist stuff I had read daily on noise and read. Some sort of self-cleaning.

This post doesn't contain any invitation links. It will earn me nothing else than some tips and some downvotes from brainwashed Bitcoin Cash Maximalists.

However, I hope that I could provide you with some useful as well as entertaining information straight from my heart.

If that's the kind of stuff that you like to read here on Publish0x then make sure to smash the follow button at the end of this post.

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