TOP 5 Decentralized DEX & DeFi Altcoins Primed For Gains

Decentralization is on the verge of becoming a major market for crypto investors and traders. Decentralized projects are the ones which I believe stand to make significant gains and provide very interesting passive income opportunities to the savvy investors over the coming years.

Let me show you my TOP 5 DEX and DeFi altcoins that are primed for gains in 2020 and beyond.

No. 5 Reserve Rights Token (RSR)

Reserve is a project that is not so much talked about but nevertheless it is a pretty cool project. It has been developed over many many years and there is also a lot of money behind it. 

A whole host of big names have invested in this project. For example, coinbase has invested in Reserve and if coinbase has invested in Reserve, a coinbase listing will be coming at some point in the future.

So what is Reserve? Reserve is a decentralized stable coin with global ambitions. It is a two-tired token model with the Reserve Token which is the stable coin, and With the Reserve Rights Token, which is the open market token that can fluctuate. The Reserve Rights token is on the backend to provide stability for the Reserve Stable Coin.

The difference is that lateral tokens will be tokenized real-world assets. The portfolio of these assets starts relatively simple and will diversify more and more over time as more and more assets are being tokenized. So, in the end, you have a stable coin that is backed by real-world assets.

This is definitely a project to keep an eye on.

Reserve Rights Token`s price today is $0.00332468. It has a circulating supply of 6.8 Billion coins and a max supply of 100 Billion coins.

Hotbit is the current most active market trading it.

No. 4 Tellor (TRB)

Tellor deals with decentralized oracles focused on price feeds.

Data requests are made to Tellor together with an amount of tokens. This happens every ten minutes. Then Tellor chooses the ones with the most funds and sends them to the miner.

The product is already live and the smart contracts are on the ethereum blockchain since August 2019.

Tellor has been invested in by some big names like Binance Finance Labs, Maker DAO, and Consensus.

If you like Chainlink (LINK) then Tellor (TRB) is something for you to look into. if you think that Chainlink is all we need and it will do anything in oracles then ask yourself this: Why have Binance Finance Labs, Maker DAO, and Consensus all invested in Tellor if Chainlink is the end-all and be-all of all oracle services?

I am still a huge fan of Chainlink and I have it also in my highly diversified portfolio but Tellor could make much bigger gains because of its current small market cap.

Tellor`s price today is $5.51. It has a circulating supply of 1.3 Million coins and a max supply of 1.36 Million coins.

HotBit is the current most active market trading it.

No. 3 Kava (KAVA)

Number three is Kava which is basically a multi-chain Maker DAO. If you ask me, Kava is another low market cap gem that I will definitely keep an eye on. Kava is actually about to break open the world of multi-chain decentralized finance. The first two chains for Kava are Cosmos and Binance.

Kava offers to give collateralized loans with stable coins to users of major crypto assets like Bitcoin, Ripple, Cosmos, and others.

This project has possibly the highest potential of really taking on Maker DAO in terms of its market cap and its utility.

Kava is working very closely with big names like Ripple, Binance, or Cosmos which shows that kava is moving on a really serious level.

The Kava Token (KAVA) is deflationary as fees paid in KAVA are getting burned.

Kava's price today is $1.02. It has a circulating supply of 27 Million coins and an unlimited max supply of coins.

Binance is the current most active market trading it.

No.2 Synthetix Network Token (SNX)

Synthetix is a decentralized synthetic asset platform. This means that Synthetix can provide on-chain exposure to real-world currencies, commodities, stocks, and indices via their synthetic on-chain token. 

All the synthetic assets that are traded on the Synthetix exchange are backed by the Synthetics Network Token (SNX).

Unfortunately, there is no CoinGecko widget for SNX that I could add to my post. Synthetix Network Token`s price today is $1.02.

Eterbase is the current most active market trading SNX.

SNX is a stakable token. When you stake your SNX you will receive back your trading fees.

You are also going to benefit from staking SNX because of its inflationary policy. From March 2019 to August 2023 the SNX token supply will increase from 100 million to a little more than 260 million. Then after August 2023, there will be constant yearly inflation of 2.5%. This means that at a long term play, it really pays out to get in soon. Stake it and then just lean back for a few years. 

The whale shares of SNX staking are happening in the first few years, which means it is happening right now.

No.1 Loopring Coin (LRC)

What have you done with your LRC that you have earned here on Publish0x? I hope that you have HODLed your LRC. 

When LRC has been integrated as a new tipping token on Publish0x two months ago, the price of LRC was $0.027. Loopring Coin`s price today is $0.098!

The Loopring is a zkRollup Exchange and Payment Protocol that allows anyone to build high-throughput, non-custodial, orderbook-based exchanges on Ethereum by leveraging zero-knowledge proofs.

In the last two months, since its integration on Publish0x, LRC has made some big improvements. Many things like trading and staking LRC have become much easier. Also, the trading fees were massively reduced by integrating a new protocol in the Loopring.

But besides these major steps forward, I believe that Loopring still is a young project with a bright future. So, it is not too late to HODL the LRC earned on Publish0x.

Loopring Coin`s price today is $0.098737. It has a circulating supply of 1.2 Billion coins and a max supply of 1.37 Billion coins. LRC has already reached market cap rank #61.

Binance is the current most active market trading LRC.

Final Words

I hope I could provide you with some interesting and useful information about DEX and DeFi altcoins that are primed for gains.

Nothing in my post is sponsored, it really reflects my own opinion.

Please keep in mind that my intention in this post is not to replace your own research. Always #DYOR. 👌

Thank you guys for reading, liking, following, and tipping 👍

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