Let`s Have A Closer Look At DAI And HYDRO On Publish0x 🤓

Let`s Have A Closer Look At DAI And HYDRO On Publish0x 🤓

You can read a lot of posts about the Brave Browser and it`s Basic Attention Token here on publish0x, but only very few about DAI Stablecoin and Project Hydro. That`s why I decided to write this post to have a closer look at DAI and HYDRO on Publish0x.

We can tip three different ERC-20 tokens at the moment on publish0x. Mostly it`s BAT. The BAT tips are also always the biggest tips. This fact combined with the cool Brave Browser that most (maybe all) of us are using could be the reason for having so many posts about BAT and Brave on publish0x.

But there is more to earn. Let`s have a look at what else you get on publish0x.

This Is What You Get

From our tipping experience, we know that we mostly receive BAT. Sometimes all my six daily tips are generated in BAT. Then we also receive a small amount of DAI and an even smaller fraction of HYDRO. Our experience is approved by the publish0x stats that you can find here.


Within the first ten days of this month tips worth $2706.88 in total have been generated:

  • BAT $2505.58
  • DAI $155.13
  • HYDRO $46.17

So 92.57% of all tips from the last ten days have been generated in BAT, 5.73% in DAI and only 1.7% in HYDRO.

What Is DAI Stablecoin?

DAI is a stable, decentralized ERC-20 token that does not discriminate. Any business or individual can realize the advantages of digital money. Its $1 USD equivalent is maintained through automatic pricing mechanisms built into smart contracts. When DAI is worth more than $1, the smart contract pricing mechanisms work to decrease the price. Conversely, when DAI is worth below $1, the smart contract pricing mechanisms work to increase the price. DAI has a current supply of 203,000,000 with 118,995,452 in circulation. 

What Is Project HYDRO?

The mission of The Hydrogen Technology Corporation is quite simple: They want to create a worldwide ecosystem for better, simpler, fairer, more transparent, and more affordable financial products. The Hydrogen Technology Corporation is about to create a new digital economy in order to uplift and empower an emergent middle class, bringing fintech to the masses.

Hydrogen, better known as "water former" in greek, is the lightest and most abundant element on planet earth. That`s why it`s number one on Mendeleev's periodic table. It is an essential building block for life. The Hydrogen API was built to be a light, essential, financial building block, the ONE and only platform you will need to create fintech life. They regularly announce new integrations of their project like in their latest tweet with the leading KYC provider Onfido.

Hydro (HYDRO) is the cryptocurrency token that keeps the project running. As an ERC-20 token, it operates on the Ethereum platform. Hydro has a current supply of 11,111,111,111 with 10,783,834,955.673 in circulation. 

Basic Attention Token, DAI, HYDRO Price Comparision

How To Withdraw DAI and HYDRO?

What you need to withdraw your tokens from publish0x is an ERC-20 wallet. First of all, I have to point out that the most optimal and most secure way to withdraw and store your ERC-20 tokens is a hardware wallet like the Ledger Nano S or the Trezor One. Only if you are not willing to invest money in a hardware wallet, you should think of a hot wallet.

Trust Wallet is a hot wallet supported by the popular Binance exchange. It supports all ERC-20 Tokens existing. It is a decentralized wallet that also allows staking. It`s available for Google Android and Apple IOS.

You can also use it to convert the tokens that you have earned here on publish0x.

By using this invitation link you will receive 100 Trust Wallet Token (TWT) worth $10 in the ongoing AIRDROP. The Trust Wallet Token (TWT) will be listed on Binance soon and can also be converted within the Trust Wallet.

Sell Or HODL?

DAI stable coin is already accepted by most vendors that accept cryptocurrency. That`s why I will use my DAI to pay for stuff I bought on the internet or I will use it to buy some other cryptocurrency.

I guess I will be so happy about my first HYDRO withdrawal that I am going to HODL. It is not much HYDRO we can get and I am happy to have some in my portfolio after lots of tipping. So first of all, HYDRO is a kind of collectible to me. Also, I believe that Hydrogen is a decent project just like the Brave Browser. I believe that HYDRO will possibly have a bright future!

What are you going to do with your DAI and HYDRO?

I hope I could provide you with some short but useful information. Please make sure to follow me here on publish0x.

Thank you guys for reading, liking and tipping, I appreciate that!

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