This Is What Happens When You Push The Like Button On Publish0x 👍
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This Is What Happens When You Push The Like Button On Publish0x 👍

I believe that many users here on publish0x are not aware of the importance of the like button as most of you may be focusing on tips. For this reason, I decided to write this post and I hope that I can provide you with some useful information and make up a vivid and constructive discussion. So let me explain to you how important the like and dislike functions are and the effects they are causing.

I have already spent a whole lot of time here on this platform - reading, liking, tipping, commentating and finally writing and publishing posts. I have not only been very active during that time but I also did a lot of observations. I am especially interested in how the publish0x algorithms are working.

Here is what I found out and what I think can be done better.

This Is What Happens When You Push The Button

Of course, if a post becomes popular or not should depend on its quality. But the fact is: If a post becomes popular or not here on publish0x depends at the end of two factors: the publish0x algorithm and the data the algorithm is fed with. The algorithm has to think that this is a good post.

The publish0x algorithm is soaking up different data to determine the quality and popularity of a post. The most important data are:

  • the number of followers the poster has
  • the sum of tips received
  • the number of likes and dislikes
  • the number of comments

There may be more variables like links to those posts from other websites and social media but as far as I see these are the most important. The number of followers a poster has seems to be the most important variable at least in the first one or two hours. The more followers you have, the longer you stay on top in the "NEW" section. The algorithm thinks that someone who has a lot of followers is producing great content compared to a poster who has zero followers and is publishing his first post. So the number of followers is important especially when it is posted freshly.

But after the first hour, other factors are getting more and more important. It is not so much the sum of tips received or the number of comments under the post. What really makes a post popular is the number of likes and dislikes a post gets. Publish0x is about tipping cryptocurrencies, that`s right. I believe this is the reason that not so many users are paying high attention to the like function. Publish0x is not Facebook, tipping crypto is the thing and not hitting a boring like button. For this reason, I completely understand that the like button on this platform is kind of underestimated.

When you look at the popular posts you see that it`s much more the number of likes and dislikes than the number of tips received. So if you really like a post make sure that you also left a like besides a tip.

Like Brothers

Hey, you should leave me a like ... just because I added this nice pic to my post 😁

Is There A Need for A Like Button?

Someone could say that you don't need a like button at all on publish0x because you can express your support with the tips. But here is the thing: You only have six tips a day. So if you like more than six posts you are not able to support post numbers seven, eight and so on because you already run out of your daily tips. In this case, the only thing left to show your support is to hit the like button.

That`s the main reason why I think we need another rating system like the like button beside the tipping option.

Are There Any Alternatives?

But the like-dislike-system which is used on publish0x at the moment is not the only way to implement another rating system besides the tipping option.

A like button (...) is a feature in communication software such as (...) blogs where the user can express that they like, enjoy or support certain content. Internet services that feature like buttons usually display the number of users who liked each content, and may show a full or partial list of them. This is a quantitative alternative to other methods of expressing reaction to content, like writing a reply text. Some websites also include a dislike button, so the user can either vote in favour, against or neutrally. Other websites include more complex Web content voting systems, for example five stars or reaction buttons to show a wider range of emotion to the content.

So there are alternatives and it makes sense to think about them. There was a short discussion about it in the publish0x telegram group. The essence is that the dislike button can be misused by other posters to secure their rank. It also creates feelings of mistrust, devaluation and negativity. Here are some quotes from some members of the Telegram group:

We had a discussion and haven't agreed on those useless downvotes.


The report feature is very good for spams and scams but downvote?! It is illogical and useless! They express nothing real and logical.


I agree that they (dislikes) are useless.  Upvotes or a lack of them does the job.


People also do it (disliking) for competitive reasons thinking it will secure their rank.


Downvotes breed mistrust and negativity.

But the is also a different approach: Just have a look in the comment section. In the comment section, you also have the possibility to like and dislike comments. The big difference is that you can not see the number of dislikes. You can only see the number of likes. If you haven`t recognized it until now, you can go and try it.

I believe that the best options are excluding the dislike button or making the number of dislikes not visible. In this way, you can prevent first of all a possible misuse of the dislike function. nearly none will take a lack of likes personally but some are taking dislikes personally. What a member of the Telegram Group said is true: "Downvotes breed mistrust and negativity."

Thank you for reading, liking, tipping and commentating! Always remember: You decide what posts will become popular on publish0x!


Now, what do you think? Do we need a dislike button or not? Or maybe a more complex five-star rating system?

How do you rate this article?



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