Top 10 Staking and Masternode Coins - # 7/2020 week

Top 10 Staking and Masternode Coins - # 7/2020 week

The report covers the period from 9 to 16 February 2020. PoS coins for the best results - a summary of the week.

Hello, readers. SocialSend (SEND) was again at the forefront with a score of 50.53% this week. The coin with the function of setting out and threw masternode other resources in their environment. SEND is consistently seen as the best performer, showing a stubborn moment since January this year. Next is Vitae (vitae) profitable 48.71% and Pinkcoin (PINK) increased by 41.20%.

A unique way to maximize profits is to use the recently released addition to the common platform that supports masternody, MyCointainer Power . This feature allows users to acquire 100% of all awards, as all charges for "game" are reduced to 0%. Imagine that you are getting all the awards the best performing of 10 coins, and everything you do is look as it grows.

Staking Coins Top 10 - Week 7

Top 10 coins PoS this week:

  1. SocialSend (SEND) + 50.53%
  2. Vitae (vitae) + 48.71%
  3. Pinkcoin (Pink) + 41.20%
  4. OKCash (OK) + 30.59%
  5. MonetaryUnit (MUE) + 29.23%
  6. ColossusXT (COLX) + 28.90%
  7. Syscoin (SYS) + 27.32%
  8. Waves (waves) + 25.56%
  9. Luxcore (LUX) + 24.24%
  10. Bitcoin Turbo Koin (BTK) + 18.06%

5 coins, which were outside the top ten are: ExclusiveCoin, Neblio, KYDCoin , Peercoin and Stealth.


Top 10 coins Masternode - Week 7


This report covers the period from 9 to 16 February 2020. Masternodes coins for the best results - a summary of the week.

The most powerful resource of the week, who managed to rise to 50.53%, is SocialSend (SEND). These crypto had a significant level of trading volume on 15 February, which contributed to its market capitalization increased to 431 thousand. USD. The second space is MonetaryUnit (MUE) of 29.23 +% and ColossusXT (COLX) of + 28.90%.

You may ask, what does knowledge of the trading volume in technical analysis, to which the answer. The simplest answer is: it shows activity in the last 24 hours and how easily you can buy or sell assets. A smaller amount can be risky, because it is harder to sell the coin without market demand.

Look freshly our weekly top 10 list.

Top 10 coins Masternode - Week 7

Top 10 coins Masternode this week:

  1. SocialSend (SEND) + 50.53%
  2. MonetaryUnit (MUE) + 29.23%
  3. ColossusXT (COLX) + 28.90%
  4. Luxcore (LUX) + 24.24%
  5. Bitcoin Turbo Koin (BTK) + 18.06%
  6. ExclusiveCoin (EXCL) + 15.25%
  7. KYDCoin (KYD) + 10.76%
  8. PivX (PIVX) + 4.53%
  9. ExperiencePoints (XP) + 1.03%
  10. Rupaya (RUPX) + 0.27%

5 coins, which were outside the top ten are: Stratis , Phore , Divi , Wagerr and Coin Metrix.


Additional analysis of the period from 12 February to 19 February


After six straight weeks of maintenance of the line, our best masternody finally gave way to losses. For the first time this year Masternode statistics page shows the mix of profits and losses.

This week (from February 12 to February 19) gain of 27.65% to 2.10%, and the losses from 0.25% to 3.89%. It is quite a sharp drop compared to the previous week, which recorded a growth of 81% to 18% of the top 10.

The best results Masternodes # Week7

Crown SN best performing masternode this week, gaining 27.65%. ALQO and SINOVATE also made the list this week, as first and second runner-up with weekly increments respectively 19.61% and 18.93%.

Other masternody the top 10 this week is SnowGem, StakeCubeCoin , PIVX , Polis , SIBCoin, SysCoin and StakeNet.


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