The mutiny of Cryptocurrencies in Gaming world, Blockchain technology.

By Matthew Nyor | CryptoMighty | 25 Jun 2019

The mutiny of Cryptocurrencies in Gaming, Blockchain technology


For the coin market to obtain off, the humanity of betting in actual fact does prepare the on the whole sense. at the same time as Coinbase and relations in cooperation dawn to deem of gift certificates, tokens in having a bet stay behind I deem the greatest feature to assess cryptocurrencies in a digital economy.
Blockchain’s core advantages revolve around its lack of central hub. The transparency of a distributed ledger combined with the cryptographic security of an immutable data chain makes this technology the ideal vehicle for businesses to exchange and validate information. It’s not a single system, but a baseline technology which can be configured in different ways to suit different purposes and business models.
The idea behind Droid
Convergence gives gamers access to exciting new experiences and ways to interact with their friends across multiple games while incorporating cutting-edge immersive technologies; first through the Redemption Robot, then through S.A.R.A., and finally through full Cross-Reality Entertainment.
Convergence will be the first comprehensive cross screen/cross reality MMO covering the consumer game market, from Casual Web games, MMOs, PC/Mac, Smartphones, Tablets, Consoles, Arcades, LBEs to the ultimate in Theme Park Attractions, while allowing Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Standard Reality Interfaces into the gaming universe.
Convergence is comprised of pioneers in the fields of Video Games (consumer, Arcade, and LBEs),
Augmented Reality Virtual Reality, MMORPGs, Simulations, and much more. We are developing proprietary technology for multi-user cross-platform virtual worlds and augmented reality, computer vision tracking and mapping, and intuitive interaction interfaces.
No other game is attempting anything remotely close to Silica: Nexus’ scope, goals, or innovation across screens or cross reality interfaces.

These Are The Droids You Are Looking For
Convergence is creating a “Player Acquisition Engine” (“PAE”). The PAE is a Player-Acquisition-As-A-Service (PAAAS) solution driven by the DROID Token. The PAE will on-board tens of millions of players a month to Convergence’s entertainment partners through Video Game Collectible Items on the Blockchain. The PAE benefits Players, Consumer Game Developers, Arcades, and DROID Token holders.


The Primary Products offer controlled competitive advantage in the global games market space.
This alone will inhibit categorical growth of competition in the sector and reward the advanced cornering of the market by Convergence.

They include:

● 1) The Redemption Robot retail platform for showcasing key partner products and introducing consumers to Silica neXus project.
● 2) A platform for Virtual Universe Online games that can be accessed through any game device (smartphone, PC, console, etc.)
● 3) A flagship game called Silica neXus that shows off the capabilities of the platform, while generating tremendous revenue.
Platform: The Silica neXus platform aims, beyond being one universe of multiple interfaces, to be built as a nimble machine, which is designed to allow players to cross through/to multiple worlds and battle arenas through wormholes. This is compelling to the players, adding speed of game-play, fluidity with other players, playing simultaneously, and driving new ways to spend and increase integrated purchases to escalate game advantages.
Convergence is developing several proprietary technologies, methods, and algorithms necessary for massively multi-user distributed client-server architecture capable of managing cross-platform device connectivity, shared content access, and dynamic object states, as well as other areas related to digital currency, AI-driven procedural content creation, and conversion algorithms for displaying single content instances on multiple devices with different display configurations. Other technology in development is related to computer vision for augmented reality and intuitive user interface design for virtual reality environments.
Convergence will aggressively protect its intellectual property through patent, trademark, and copyrights filings.
This technology Convergence is developing will give the players the widest variety of gaming experiences allowing them to grow their account’s experience across all devices and future technology.
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