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Tinyman review: welcome DeX to Algorand's blockchain

By Goodcrypto | CryptoMeditations | 8 Oct 2021

We celebrate the first 24 hours of a real DeX in Algorand. Swap between ASA (Algorand Standard Assets) inmediatly thanks to the speed of the network, add liquidity to an existing pool or directly create a new pair. Algorand, Yieldly, Opulous, USDC or Tether are included. No KYC required. 

Get started

Go to and connect a Wallet (Myalgo -for browsers-, the official wallet and AlgoSigner are supported). You will need to sign a smartcontract (wich is audited by Runtimeverification) in order to proceed, that usually takes less than one minute. Now you're good to go.



The most interesting functionality is swapping between ASA. For doing so, click in swap > select ASA_1 > select ASA_2 and review your transaction. Everything will happen now in your wallet: the ASA_1 will go to the pool from your wallet and the opposite path will do ASA_2. Minimum slipagge and swap fee applies. In the following example I'll show you how to exchange directly $ALGO for $YLDY:


Add liquidity to a pool

As an AMM, the pools will add liquidity to create a market pair. You're rewarded for doing so with 0.25% of all trades in the pair. In the next example you can preview how this works:


More to come

The announced roadmap includes a token to be launched which will rival son with Sushi, Cake, or Uniswap. Very exciting future from these developers:


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