An update of my Doings

An update of my Doings

By cryptomaniacsgr | cryptomaniacsgr | 30 Oct 2019

Good evening people!!

On a previous post i told you about some projects i follow for a side income, the latest one is on TRON network and called BeeHive and as i said before it's a high risk investment that may cause me lose the invested TRON there. So what i'm doing now is slowly withdraw any available amount on my wallet and trying to increase the production amount day by day, actually i have got back 4 TRON (from the 70) and today i will buy one more bee to increase a little bit my WAX and Honey production and as the days passes the available withdrawal amount will increase steadily.



Another one is TheCryptoFaucet and from that one i have got already 1.6 Steem with the help of my precious referrals! My latest withdraw was made yesterday direct on my Steemit account!



Third is a faucet that i have forgot for a long time now, but is also a very high paying faucet that works of it's own for you!
Firefaucet is an auto faucet that runs on the back round as long as you have activity ponts!


You got your activity point by doing some shortlinks, offers PTC nad Tasks, the good part about it is that you can build a 10 hour run in the matter of minutes (look the above image, i made it from the free faucet and 7-8 shortlinks). Being more specific, i left the window open yesterday for 6-7 hours on my non stop running PC getting 0.7 TRON direct on my Faucethub account, NOT bad at all!!

*Here you can see the available coins you can mine with the autofaucet and the avilable ways to get your activity points!*


For people that have free time is one of the best faucets out there, you can build days of auto claiming spending an hour there, unfortunately i am not one with much free time, but i can spent 10-15 mins to built my daily auto claim.
Last but not least is Cointiply the best faucet back in time, unfortunately through some bad calculations of the core team back then almost destroyed the site, but it seems that recovered and it's quite crowdy again with many ways to get coins.
Personally i have forgot 28.000 coins there and i want to make them 35.000 to take the daily interest (5% if you keep your coins on their site), so i'm doing a claim daily to keep my loyalty high or some PTC if i have the time, but they have plenty ways to get coins.



That's all for today, Have a nice day!!

Crossposted here and on my steemit account.


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