A gift that came from WAVES

By cryptomaniacsgr | cryptomaniacsgr | 12 Nov 2019

Good evening people!

After a short period of time that i wasn't very active for various reasons i'm back with my lucky story!

Before a year or two (i don't remember well) i was involved with a cryptoproject the seemed good to me that time, *Incent loyality* claimed to be a way to turn your everyday spend into digital cash rewards, knowing almost nothing back then i had sign up to the platform (saw easy money) that was in Alpha state and rewarding people to let a timer open on their website (at least that i remember). As the time passed i was collecting their token to and waiting for the official release, then a blocking day the site stopped working (or i did something wrong) and i thought that it was a scam site (aka bitconnect) and i let it by.

I forgot everything about it until I received an email with information about their project, i tried to log in many times and finally made it after an account recovery. That i noticed instantly was that i wasn't able to run the "timer" and get free INCNT tokens, but i was able to withdraw my current amount in a WAVES wallet and that i did. I download the official WAVES wallet from the play store to check if i can withdraw my INCNT there, for my good luck everything worked properly and got my tokens instantly!

That small gift turned into 14.76 WAVES that i send on my Binance account that followed the exchange chain : WAVES--->BTC--->STEEM--->LEO.




Thanks to a forgotten token, i was able to set a purchase order for 445 LEO tokens and increase further my LEO stake bringing me closer to my next target, a target that i had set when i reached 1000 LEO stake, to become a LEO dolphin! I don't know if 1600 LEO is enough to be a dolphin but i will get closer to my target for sure!

That's all for today, Have a nice day!!

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