Crypto Coins That Have Picked My Curiosity (Part 2)

By Cryptolohy | cryptolohy101 | 6 Dec 2020

We continue with the coins that I know very little about, coins that I am curious but ignorant about.

I wanted to share my primitive knowledge of these coins so as to perhaps picked your interest to do your own research on these if you happend to find this coins at least mildly interesting.



1. Coda

I am going off my notes here, I am not even sure this is a coin and I have basically zero knowledge of this project.

With just a quick search it seems that they have change the name of the project to mina protocol, so there is that.



2. Filecoin

I think this is like decentralized dropbox, and I have heard the news of the massive pump that has occured, but I am still ignorant of the tech so as to ascertain if I am bullish or bearish.



3. Siacoin

The twin of filecoin, who is better? what makes them different? what tokenomics are better designed? no idea, but those are questions I have on a sticky note in my brain.



4. Lukso

I heard this one is working on blockchain identity (something like passports) but somehow this project is also into fashion and chain of verification (similar to vechain I think) it could be a nothingburger but it could also be a huge breakthrough, who knows.



5. Verge

I basically only know the name of this coin, I watched some videos about it some time ago, but my brain put that data in the recycle bin, sorry frens.



6. VeChain

I am told that China is out of control when it comes to piracy, and VeChain can maintain a truthful and factually accurate ledger of transformations and transportation in physical products, this pitch leaves me with more questions than answers, but that's how it is usually in cryptoland.


What are the coins that have picked your interest? Let me know in the comments!


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