A White Knight saves the day as he protects the stolen funds from ex-Steem Witnesses.



As many of you know, HF 23 was supposed to happen today on Steem and was highly contentious. It was supposed to take the 23.6M steem from 64 users, and to send them to @community321.



But checking the current tx IDs, it seems that a White Hat action took place ! It could also be an inside job.


Those funds from @community321 were transferred  to bittrex with the memo "these are funds stolen by steem witnesses using HF23 May 20th 2020 - please return them to their original owners prior to the fork :)"

That's not a normal memo to bittrex as you probably know.

This is not going to any account in particular but to the Bittrex "pool".

Someone is trusting Bittrex, which truly showed in the past that they were a trustful and honorable exchange. This individual believes that they will do the morally correct thing and return the stolen funds back to the 64 accounts that were stolen from.

If this was merely theft of those funds to a private bittrex account the memo would have been something like a following of numbers and letters 44dvdfg4vc2v1ef54.

The big question of this Hollywood Movie is: "What will Bittrex do?"

We can expect Justin Sun and his friends to pressure Bittrex into giving these funds back. They will surely begin legal actions.

Well Part 4 of the Steem/Hive drama is going to start, I have to grab some popcorn. See Ya !


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