These are some posts I want to read!!!

By tokyobitcoiner | Cryptokyo | 12 May 2021

These are some articles I hope someone in the community can write as I want to read them!

  • IFARM - hopefully we have all accumulated some IFARM as it is one of the PublishOx tip tokens BUT there aren't many posts on it and I am confused where I should send it, what I should do with it, is it BSC or ERC-20 etc.
  • Affiliate marketing - any tips & tricks
  • Chia - share set ups and advice, it is all a bit trial and error right now
  • More non-crypto articles that can get more sign ups for PublishOx and so more readers, more writers, the network effect - anything the community is passionate about, camping, photography, twitching whatever
  • Helium - anyone have experience with one of the miners? Any analysis of the token?
  • Would love to read Igor on the story of PublishOx, the founding and background
  • More posts on equipment and gear e.g. best SSD, best NVMe etc.
  • How to become a YouTuber/Instagrammer etc.

I hope someone will be inspired by this short list!

Maybe other people should make post or info requests as it is a win-win?

Thumbnail photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

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