Proof of space & time; Chia🌱 Network

By tokyobitcoiner | Cryptokyo | 3 May 2021

Well today is the day Chia token XCH begins trading.

Have you started plotting (building 'land' areas = space) and farming ( = time)?

If you have and you aren't a whale, why bother given the huge growth of industrial scale 'whales'?

Well I think the answer is sometime in the future there will be Chia pools and combined we can all earn. In the meantime, just solo farming is like buying a lottery ticket - the odds are low - but you could strike lucky.

So I'm busy allocating all my acquired old hard drives to Chia. You can use just regular hard drives for both plotting and farming, but a) don't risk your PC/Mac's internal drive, use an extra internal drive or external ones b) it takes a long, long time. An SSD or NVME drive is the best choice for plotting, although the speed trade off is with cost and the SSD endurance issues.

Here are some links and resources

First, a shout out to PublishOxer k1ll1van1ll1 who has published a lot of useful articles - this is the latest weekly update and the start of his journey why don't you follow him?

Chiadecentral - has a lot of articles including this farming guide  

r/chia  - the official Chia subreddit 

r/chiamemes - a subreddit dedicated to Chia memes   

Chiablockchain - provides a collection of useful links and resources related to Chia  

Chialinks - a curated collection of resources from around the web for all things related to the Chia cryptocurrency (XCH)  

the Chia Farmer - good if you are a Windows user  


Chia Explorer  - blockchain explorer to browse and search the Chia blockchain with charts and visual graphs

Chia Netspace - graph and historic data of net space size over time  

Chia Status - Chia's blockchain status at a glance

Chialinks - a curated collection of resources from around the web for all things related to the Chia cryptocurrency (XCH)

Chia Plots - buy and download (do your own due diligence on this one!)

Chia Calculator  - convert Gigabit to Gigabytes

the project itself

Chia network is the start point!

Good luck farming!

*** This is the thirteenth post in my Experiment to see how much I can accumulate in tips over one week, posting twice a day; there is just one more post to go and then I will do a final progress report - thanks again to anyone who has supported me! ***

Thumbnail photo by Sushobhan Badhai on Unsplash




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