Saturday Savers Club - Week 23 - Update #1

Time to evaluate my first few days taking part in the Saturday Savers Club. First published on
The launch post for this years savings effort can be found HERE

The basic idea is to save an amount of crypto (or fiat if you desire) on a daily basis increasing the amount saved the next day. (e.g day 1 saved 0.01, day 2 saved 0.02, and so on). The club also has a motto which I think perfectly fits the idea behind it - Start Small, Start Today

For the purposes of my savings journey, i chose to follow the crypto suggested in the launch post (Hive), even though that was back in January, and also to match that in my own country's fiat currency GBP, both starting at a value of 0.01. (so 0,01 Hive, and £0.01p)

I started this journey 11 days ago and have been religiously moving Hive into the savings area, and dropping pennies into my pot at home on a daily basis. The pennies in particular I have barely been aware of taking from my change pocket to add to my savings pot. The result after those 11 days is that I now have 0.66 Hive, and £0.66p saved, and a realisation that as this is such a simple thing to do, I should have started years ago - but hindsight is 20/20 they say lol.

So I'm happy with the progress, the simplicity of the process and looking forward to planning what to do with the funds I'm accruing.

In addition to this, and I began a bit earlier, around the time the 20% interest rate was announced, I am also regularly putting HBD into savings (currently standing at a value of 5.126 HBD)

Happy Weekend To All

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