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3 Best Defi Wallets to Store Decentralized Finance Tokens

16 Aug 2020 Shounak

16 August 2020
good read ... although a quick proof read and comparison to the original would make it better i.e title says "3" whilst the body of the article says "5" as per the original post on your site, nitpicking i know but accuracy should be paramount

ETH - game experiment - day 6

5 May 2020 Kimster

05 May 2020
tried it. not impressed. deleted it after less than 30 minutes. could have done with an indication of the level of adverts that are thrown at you which to me is way to excessive for me given how long i had the app

Free BTC,ETH,LTC with payment proof

3 May 2020 neeldoshi

03 May 2020
originality wasn't the point being made - also the content bears no actual relation to the title of the post

Free BTC,ETH,LTC with payment proof

3 May 2020 neeldoshi

03 May 2020
no it isnt, there have been many

TOP 5 Staking Coins 2020

6 Apr 2020 Cryptonator`s Airdrop Hunt

06 April 2020
My favourite has to be RPD, been staking that the longest i think. Recently got into Kucoin on their exchange, and even more recently into Callisto and liking the ease with which getting staking up and running is, and the fact it does it a bit differently to others by locking the coins for a short period. I like that Binance staking is available on not just their own coin but KMD as well(do they do more ?) so will look further into that

Staked wallets Service the Best!

4 Apr 2020 Creativeboy

04 April 2020
pity no actual original content just copied and pasted from the website's blog page

Current number of Airplanes in the Sky today... More than yesterday

31 Mar 2020 OG Crypto

31 March 2020
Whilst an interesting point, you are assuming that the flights you are tracking are all passenger flights, which isn't necessarily the case. mail/parcels and other commodities are also shipped by plane particularly overseas.

Rapids Call for Action

28 Mar 2020 Chriss

28 March 2020
StakingRewards isnt actually a staking platform. Its a "data provider" tracking staking coins and staking providers

Coinpayments wallet review: be careful! Check it out before sign up

1 Mar 2020 Foxhunter

01 March 2020
no mention of they KYC requirements they now require ?

Over 50 Ways to Earn Bitcoin

13 Dec 2019 LiteLiger

13 December 2019
interesting read. however Faucethub ceased providing a microwallet facility for faucets on Dec 10th due to changes in regulatory requirements and as a result many of the faucets are unusable as they haven't yet organised alternative payout arrangements (those that have seem to be switching to expresscrypto and/or paying direct to user wallets)

Get coins from the

13 Oct 2019 KaloianNT

13 October 2019
you forgot to mention one of the lowest paying as the roll rarely goes above the first level

The truth about the falling bitcoin values

25 Sep 2019 viraladmin

25 September 2019
great post - i'm also a believer in getting what you can when you can for not only bitcoin but the other coins that i'm holding onto at the moment

Best Crypto Airdrops Of Week #39

25 Sep 2019 LiteLiger

25 September 2019
so what makes these worthy of further investigation ...

Visualizing A Decentralized Blockchain Projects Code Activity

24 Sep 2019 User__________

25 September 2019
those visualizations are just awesome.

Why YouTube is going to die

19 Sep 2019 sandeep126

19 September 2019
No real explanation as to why YouTube will die or how it will be superceded in this post. And the brave browser ( yes it's a browser not an app) will not be the cause.

A Quick Overview Of HCash Project

15 Sep 2019 Rumi

17 September 2019
ooops looks like this "author" - and i use the term loosely - doesnt take criticism for copying other peoples work very well. but here again is the link to the article he blatently copied doubt it will be here long but maybe if we stop tipping him he'll learn how to write for himself ...but i doubt it

A Quick Overview Of HCash Project

15 Sep 2019 Rumi

16 September 2019
yes it is ...only problem it's somebody else who did the work .. from august 30 2018

A Quick Overview Of RChain Project

15 Sep 2019 Rumi

16 September 2019
another blatent copy and paste effort ....original article posted july 6 on cryptobriefing

A Quick Overview Of HCash Project

15 Sep 2019 Rumi

16 September 2019
you spotted it too ... seems a site called cryptobriefing is his goto source

A Quick Overview Of NEM Project

14 Sep 2019 Rumi

16 September 2019
not a single ounce of original content in this .... seems to have been copied and pasted word for word from this article

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Top 5 Crypto Staking Pools In 2020

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Blockchains are immutable is a myth

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Update Rapids v2.0 Core Wallet

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We at the Rapids Network have just released the Update to our new Core Wallet - Rapids v2.0, it's very important to download the updated core as soon as possible. This new version is fully operational to host the new Consensus which will arrive May 2...

Earn More Tips: Create Your Own Publish0x Website With Widgets

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A First Look At Electroneum's New Freelance Platform

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